Wednesday, 26 December 2012



1. a. a fairly thick cord made of twisted and intertwined hemp or other fibres or of wire or other strong material
b. as modifier
2. a row of objects fastened or united to form a line
3. a quantity of material twisted or wound in the form of a cord
4. anything in the form of a filament or strand, especially something viscous or glutinous
5. the rope
a. a rope, noose, or halter used for hanging
b. death by hanging, strangling, etc.
-verb  (usually followed by “off”) (when intr. , followed by “ up”)
6. (trans.) to bind or fasten with or as if with a rope
7. to enclose or divide by means of a rope
8. (intr.) to become extended in a long filament or thread
9. mountaineering . to tie (climbers) together with a rope

Amidst bamboo stalks
A roped in bench
For a rest in the shade
Deserted in winter cold

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