Monday 30 September 2013



1. a state or condition of agreement or harmony
2. a book that indexes the principal words in a literary work, often with the immediate context and an account of the meaning
3. an index produced by computer or machine, alphabetically listing every word in a text
4. an alphabetical list of subjects or topics

It is but a child's play
To destroy concordance
And to lose oneself
Along lines of disconnection

Sunday 29 September 2013



1. any chenopodiaceous plant of the genus Beta, especially the Eurasian species B. vulgaris, widely cultivated in such varieties as the sugar beet, mangelwurzel, beetroot, and spinach beet
2. the leaves of any of several varieties of this plant, which are cooked and eaten as a vegetable

Hidden sugar
Edible leaves
Beet in the sun
Waiting to be cooked

Saturday 28 September 2013



1. any of the feet of a four-legged mammal, bearing claws or nails
2. (informal) a hand, especially one that is large, clumsy, etc.
3. to scrape or contaminate with the paws or feet
4. (trans.) (informal) to touch or caress in a clumsy, rough, or over-familiar manner; maul


What pleasure there must be
Licking such synthetic paw
Frozen in limited eternity

Friday 27 September 2013



1. (formal) often postpositive and followed by “on” or “upon” and an infinitive . morally binding or necessary; obligatory
2. usually postpositive and followed by “on” . resting or lying (on)

Many incumbent rules
Asking to be deviated from
But indulged in nonetheless

Thursday 26 September 2013



1. (philosophy)
a. any fundamental singular metaphysical entity, especially if autonomous
b. (in the metaphysics of Leibnitz) a simple indestructible non-spatial element regarded as the unit of which reality consists
c. (in the pantheistic philosophy of Giordano Bruno) a fundamental metaphysical unit that is spatially extended and psychically aware
2. a single-celled organism, especially a flagellate protozoan
3. an atom, ion, or radical with a valency of one

I look upon myself as a frustrated monad
Crowded by the smallest numbers
Yet craving company still
(but only in my own allocated time)

Wednesday 25 September 2013



1. a small tower that projects from the wall of a building, especially a medieval castle
2. a self-contained structure, capable of rotation, in which weapons are mounted, especially in tanks and warships
3. a similar structure on an aircraft that houses one or more guns and sometimes a gunner
4. a tall wooden tower on wheels used formerly by besiegers to scale the walls of a fortress
5. (on a machine tool) a turret-like steel structure with tools projecting radially that can be indexed round to select or to bring each tool to bear on the work

The architects have succumbed
To the attraction of turrets
For the sake of picturesque

Tuesday 24 September 2013



1. to charm; fascinate
2. to delude; influence by slyness
3. often foll by of or out of to deprive (someone) of something by trickery; cheat (someone) of
4. to pass pleasantly; while away

Posters try to beguile a custom
Yet the glass remains empty
Giving away the game and cheat

Monday 23 September 2013



1. the raised mark left on the skin after the stroke of a rod or whip
2. the weave or texture of a fabric, such as the ribs in corduroy
3. a vertical row of stitches in knitting
4. (nautical)
a. a ridge of planking along the rail of a ship
b. also gunwale . the top of the side of a boat or the topmost plank of a wooden vessel
5. to raise a wale or wales on by striking
6. to weave with a wale

Time, hurt, and rust
Have left their wales
Upon metal and life

Sunday 22 September 2013



1. Also called: scallion. an alliaceous plant, Allium porrum, with a slender white bulb, cylindrical stem, and broad flat overlapping leaves: used in cooking
2. any of several related species, such as A. ampeloprasum (wild leek)
3. a leek, or a representation of one, as a national emblem of Wales

Brushing away summer
Using leeks as brooms
Soups in the future

Saturday 21 September 2013



1. to draw out or extend or be drawn out or extended in length, area, etc.
2. to extend or be extended to an undue degree, especially so as to distort or lengthen permanently
3. to extend (the limbs, body, etc.)
4. (trans.) to reach or suspend (a rope, etc.) from one place to another
5. (trans.) to draw tight; tighten
6. often followed by “out”, “forward”, etc. . to reach or hold (out); extend
7. (intr.) usually followed by “over” . to extend in time 
8. (intr.) followed by “for”, “over”, etc. (of a region, etc.) . to extend in length or area
9. (intr.) (especially of a garment) to be capable of expanding, as to a larger size 
10. (trans.) to put a great strain upon or extend to the limit
11. to injure (a muscle, tendon, ligament, etc.) by means of a strain or sprain
12. (trans.) often followed by “out” to make do with (limited resources) 
13. (trans.) (informal) . to expand or elaborate (a story, etc.) beyond what is credible or acceptable
14. (trans.) often passive . to extend, as to the limit of one's abilities or talents
15. (archaic or slang) . to hang or be hanged by the neck
16. the act of stretching or state of being stretched
17. a large or continuous expanse or distance 
18. extent in time, length, area, etc.
19. capacity for being stretched, as in some garments
20. (horse racing) . the section or sections of a racecourse that are straight, especially the final straight section leading to the finishing line
21. (slang) a term of imprisonment

At a stretch
A nap
In the shadow
Can be
A leisurely stretch

A good stretch is needed
For supple muscles and satisfaction
Prior to another nap