Saturday 30 April 2016



1. characterized by or producing languor
2. another word for languid

Summer heat or

Languorous torpor

Friday 29 April 2016



not distinguishable either because indeterminate in shape, not clearly recognizable or understandable, or lacking identifying or individualizing qualities

The cracks are there to be seen
The pareidolia waiting in ambush,

Indistinguishable until 
A child starts to cry

Thursday 28 April 2016



1. to rebuke or scold
2. (trans.) to goad into action

He always seems
To chide revellers
But in fact his frown

Is only due to cold

Wednesday 27 April 2016



1. in an incorrect, inappropriate, or defective manner
2. (postpositive) wrong, incorrect, or faulty

It could have been
A satellite image
Yet something is amiss

The focus imperfect

Tuesday 26 April 2016



(trans.) to spread through or throughout, especially subtly or gradually; permeate

Shadow plays and
Pervading charms
Cool waters and
Eluding nostalgia

Monday 25 April 2016



1. (trans.) to achieve or accomplish (a task, goal, aim, etc.)
2. (trans.) to reach or arrive at in space or time

3. (intr.) often followed by “to” . to arrive (at) with effort or exertion  

Spring napping
In the hope of attaining Nirvana
Let’s go crazy

Sunday 24 April 2016



1. a baked food consisting of a sweet or savoury filling in a pastry-lined dish, often covered with a pastry crust

2. a very small former Indian coin worth one third of a pice

3. (history) a book for finding the Church service for any particular day. Also: pye

1. a jumbled pile of printer's type
2. a jumbled mixture
-verb (trans.)
3. to spill and mix (set type) indiscriminately
4. to mix up

Heavenly scents in the house
From a Dutch apple pie

Fresh out of the oven

Saturday 23 April 2016



1. the state or quality of being obstinate
2. an obstinate act, attitude, etc . Also (rare): pervicacity, pervicacy

I chide her for such an obstinacy
But she cannot want for me to go away

So she can torment the lizards once again

Friday 22 April 2016



1. an extremely small piece of matter; speck
2. a very tiny amount; iota
3. a function word, especially (in certain languages) a word belonging to an uninflected class having supra-segmental or grammatical function
4. a common affix, such as re-, un-, or -ness
5. (physics) . a body with finite mass that can be treated as having negligible size, and internal structure
6. (Roman Catholic Church) . a small piece broken off from the Host at Mass
7. (archaic) . a section or clause of a document

In the spotless and
lavender scented sacristy

Not a particle amiss

Thursday 21 April 2016



(intr.); (often followed by “in” or “to”) . to comply (with); assent (to) without protest

That delicate moment
When the heart acquiesces

And the hand loses all restrain

Wednesday 20 April 2016



1. a confused noise of many voices
2. uproar

Colourful chaos
Riotous hubbub
The silence of scents

Tuesday 19 April 2016



an obstinate act, attitude, etc.

She sets in her ways
Provocative pervicacy
Speaks backwards
To see if she will be tried
For witchcraft 

Monday 18 April 2016



1. to change or cause to change position constantly; be or make unstable; waver or vary
2. (intr.) to rise and fall like a wave; undulate

In the rising raging sea fog
Ruins fluctuating in the light

Ghosts twinkling at windows

Sunday 17 April 2016



an Italian variety of chicory, having somewhat bitter reddish-purple leaves streaked with white.

A red ballet of berries and raddichio
Where a red wine sauce courts mackerel
So strange and earthy

Saturday 16 April 2016



1. deficient in amount, quality, or extent
2. thin or emaciated
3. lacking in richness or strength

Happy country
Where even strays

Are not meagre

Friday 15 April 2016



1. a feeling of intense aversion, dislike, or hostility
2. the object of such a feeling

I will owe
To an antipathy
Towards black waters
Except fountains

On a hot day

Thursday 14 April 2016



1. practising economy; living without waste; thrifty
2. not costly; meagre

Modern architecture:
Frugal shapes

And not so frugal budgets

Wednesday 13 April 2016



1. any protection used to intercept blows, missiles, etc., such as a tough piece of armour carried on the arm
2. any similar protective device
3. Also called: scutcheon, escutcheon (heraldry) . a pointed stylized shield used for displaying armorial bearings
4. anything that resembles a shield in shape, such as a prize in a sports competition
5. the protective outer covering of an animal, such as the shell of a turtle
6. (physics) a structure of concrete, lead, etc., placed around a nuclear reactor or other source of radiation in order to prevent the escape of radiation
7. a broad stable plateau of ancient Precambrian rocks forming the rigid nucleus of a particular continent
8.  (civil engineering) a hollow steel cylinder that protects men driving a circular tunnel through loose, soft, or water-bearing ground
-verb (trans.)
9. to protect, hide, or conceal (something) from danger or harm

Broken teeth
Wooden shields

Closing windows

Tuesday 12 April 2016



1. a visible object or representation that symbolizes a quality, type, group, etc., especially the concrete symbol of an abstract idea 
2. an allegorical picture containing a moral lesson, often with an explanatory motto or verses 

Looking up
Pondering on
Old school emblem
[it’s a religious college]
The world
In the child’s hand

Monday 11 April 2016



1. having no reference to material objects or specific examples; not concrete
2. not applied or practical; theoretical
3. hard to understand; recondite; abstruse
4. denoting art characterized by geometric, formalized, or otherwise nonrepresentational qualities
5. defined in terms of its formal properties 
6. (philosophy) (of an idea) functioning for some empiricists as the meaning of a general term
7. a condensed version of a piece of writing, speech, etc.; summary
8. an abstract term or idea
9. an abstract painting, sculpture, etc.
-verb (trans.)
10. to think of (a quality or concept) generally without reference to a specific example; regard theoretically
11. to form (a general idea) by abstraction
12. (also intr.) to summarize or epitomize
13. to remove or extract
14. (euphemistic) to steal

Abstract sails
Real concrete

The future has already gone past

Sunday 10 April 2016



-verb (trans.)
1. to withdraw, pull out, or uproot by force
2. to remove or separate
3. to derive (pleasure, information, etc.) from some source or situation
4. to deduce or develop (a doctrine, policy, etc.)
5. (informal) to extort (money, etc.)
6. to obtain (a substance) from a mixture or material by a chemical or physical process, such as digestion, distillation, 7. the action of a solvent, or mechanical separation
8. to cut out or copy out (an article, passage, quotation, etc.) from a publication
9. to determine the value of (the root of a number)
10. something extracted, such as a part or passage from a book, speech, etc.
11. a preparation containing the active principle or concentrated essence of a material
12. (pharmacology) a solution of plant or animal tissue containing the active principle

Simple water
Made to extract the meaning
Of roasted fennel

Passion fruit

Saturday 9 April 2016



unable to be tired out; unflagging

I liked to believe her
To be indefatigable
But her eyes are closing fast

In a soft purr

Friday 8 April 2016



sadly pensive, especially about something yearned for

There I hid
In wistful streets
Looking for a past
Which wasn’t mine
Trace of childhood
I could never have
A different sort of


Thursday 7 April 2016



1. a set of arches and their supporting columns
2. a covered and sometimes arched passageway, usually with shops on one or both sides
3. a building, or part of a building, with an arched roof

See him
The devil coming through
An arcade of jealousy

Carved in stone

Wednesday 6 April 2016



1. a summary of the plot of a play, etc., including information about its characters, scenes, etc.
2. a predicted sequence of events  

A dream called
Uncanny scenario
Bearing dragons and pearls
Lost in a stormy sky

I shake it away

Tuesday 5 April 2016



1. apparently reasonable, valid, truthful, etc.
2. apparently trustworthy or believable  

Up in the sky
Goes the impossible tower
Where a plausible modern princess
Waits – in vain – for her phone to ring
While a parade of suitors

Prowl beneath her window

Monday 4 April 2016



the act or a state or feeling of disapproving; censure; condemnation

When faced
With disapproval
Throw crumbs to the wind

Sunday 3 April 2016



1. the sweet, usually last course of a meal
2. (mainly British) (especially formerly) fruit, dates, nuts, etc., served at the end of a meal

Not a meringue
Surprise dessert
Egg comfit macaroon

Saturday 2 April 2016



1. strictly correct in amount or value
2. designating a certain thing and no other; particular
3. using or operating with total accuracy
4. strict in observance of rules, standards, etc.

Unable for a cuddle
She makes do with a precise
Hug from our own tail

Friday 1 April 2016



1. any of various ranunculaceous shrubs and plants of the genus Paeonia, of Eurasia and North America, having large pink, red, white, or yellow flowers
2. the flower of any of these plants

Spring sneaks in
Bearing peonies

To still bitter winds