Thursday 31 July 2014



1. (trans.) to dress, especially in fine elegant clothes; array
2. clothes or garments, especially if fine or decorative
3. the antlers of a mature male deer

Designer corset
Boasting satin attires
Alternative attire

Wednesday 30 July 2014



(especially of fashionable clothes, women, etc.) stylish or elegant
stylishness, especially in dress; modishness; fashionable good taste
any of various fashion movements based on a particular lifestyle

Country chic
Rustic under plates
With a fresco feel

Tuesday 29 July 2014



1. any of the marbles, pegs, or other pieces used in the game of Chinese chequers
2. a pattern consisting of squares of different colours, textures, or materials
3. one of the squares in such a pattern
-verb (trans.)
4. to make irregular in colour or character; variegate
5. to mark off with alternating squares of colour

Basking in the sun
Chequered boards

Monday 28 July 2014



1. a current of air, especially one intruding into an enclosed space
2. the act of pulling a load, as by a vehicle or animal
3. the load or quantity drawn
4. a portion of liquid to be drunk, especially a dose of medicine
5. the act or an instance of drinking; a gulp or swallow
6. the act or process of drawing air, smoke, etc., into the lungs
7. the amount of air, smoke, etc., inhaled in one breath
8. beer, wine, etc., stored in bulk, especially in a cask, as opposed to being bottled

Dancing in the summer draught
Challenging the photographer
Only a moment ago, all was still