Sunday 30 November 2014



1. soft or fleshy plant tissue, such as the succulent part of a fleshy fruit
2. a moist mixture of cellulose fibres, as obtained from wood, from which paper is made
3. a magazine or book containing trite or sensational material, and usually printed on cheap rough paper
4. (dentistry) the soft innermost part of a tooth, containing nerves and blood vessels
5. any soft soggy mass or substance
6. (mining) pulverized ore, especially when mixed with water
7. to reduce (a material or solid substance) to pulp or (of a material or solid substance) to be reduced to pulp
8. (trans.) to remove the pulp from (fruit)

Carrot pulp
Caressing a morsel
Happy rabbit
Happier guest

Saturday 29 November 2014



a person present but not involved; onlooker; spectator

In the sun beam
The bystander wonders
Why you won’t go away

Friday 28 November 2014



(often plural) an expression of sympathy with someone in grief, etc.

Write here
Your condolences
For time passed
But know
It will never come back

Thursday 27 November 2014


(also: book-end)

1. one of a pair of usually ornamental supports for holding a row of books upright
2. (trans.; usually passive) to occur or be located on either side (of something)

Colourful wings
Bookending clouds
In gendered dreams