Sunday, 30 December 2012



1. a small usually metal implement consisting of two, three, or four long thin prongs on the end of a handle, used for lifting food to the mouth or turning it in cooking, etc.
2. an agricultural tool consisting of a handle and three or four metal prongs, used for lifting, digging, etc.
3. a pronged part of any machine, device, etc.
4. of a road, river, etc.
a. a division into two or more branches
b. the point where the division begins
c. such a branch
5. (chiefly US) the main tributary of a river
6. chess . a position in which two pieces are forked
7. (trans.) to pick up, dig, etc., with a fork
8. (trans.) chess . to place (two enemy pieces) under attack with one of one's own pieces, especially a knight
9. (trans.) to make into the shape of a fork
10. (intr.) to be divided into two or more branches
11. to take one or other branch at a fork in a road, river, etc.

We spoon and we fork
Because life is short
And food is getting cold

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