Wednesday 31 July 2013



1. the quality or state of being insignificant or flimsy
2. the quality or state of being slim, fine, or delicate
3. the quality or state of being diluted or rarefied in consistency or density

I often dream
Of being lost
Dispersed in many places
An exercise in tenuity
But keep up
Treading on the ground

Tuesday 30 July 2013



1. (formal) empty
2. widowed

Good stories will do this to you:
Leave you out and dried up
Lost in a viduous state
Unable to pick up a new one for a while

Monday 29 July 2013



1. to interpret the meaning of (something)
2. (may take a clause as object) to discover by inference; deduce
3. to analyse the grammatical structure of; parse (especially a Latin or Greek text as a preliminary to translation)
4. to combine (words) syntactically
5. (also intr.) (old-fashioned) to translate literally, especially aloud as an academic exercise
6. (old-fashioned) something that is construed, such as a piece of translation

Words can be construed
Distorted by interpretation
Images carry their own truth

Sunday 28 July 2013



a rolled and stuffed piece of fish or meat

Not exactly a seasonal treat
Still, paupiettes can be eaten cold too

Saturday 27 July 2013



characterized by a propensity to cause offence

She finds most humans
Terribly rough and affrontive
As well as most of her peers
But keeps a special in her heart
For a favourite cushion

Friday 26 July 2013



having the capacity to be turned into forest

All bamboos have that chance
Of being quickly afforestable.
Let’s go and look for pandas!

Thursday 25 July 2013



a streaming or flowing towards something

Leaves do not care
For affluxion or passions
An insect tickles them