Friday 30 September 2016



1. the ability to control or moderate one's impulses, passions, etc.
2. the act of restraining or the state of being restrained
3. something that restrains; restriction

We talked all over the place
Crossing lines to rhymes and nonsense
But she insisted for restraint
And drew up lists instead

Thursday 29 September 2016



1. (archaic) in good time; early
2. (archaic) in a short time; soon

She rang a fugue
Betimes and back
We nearly missed it

Wednesday 28 September 2016



1. genealogy a line of descendants from an ancestor; stock or strain
2. botany a race or variety, especially one in which the characters are maintained by cultivation

Out at sea,
Lie the stirps that brought us here
Playing with waves
Singing sweet songs of death

Tuesday 27 September 2016



1. (of a drug, etc.) stimulating the central nervous system
2. any drug that stimulates the central nervous system
3. (formerly) a restorative remedy or drug

The ideal analeptic
Cast in clay and glazed
For better conservation

Monday 26 September 2016



a cloak, shawl or covering

Against summer winds
Famous blue manteel

Sunday 25 September 2016



1. a natural effervescent water with a high content of minerals
2. a similar synthetic water, used as a beverage

After excess
Seltzer might help
Though restraint
Would work best

Saturday 24 September 2016



-verb (trans.)
1. to insert (a knife, sword, etc.) into a sheath
2. (especially of cats) to retract (the claws)
3. to surface with or encase in a sheath or sheathing

He sheathes his blades for me
But could I please
Leave him alone?

Friday 23 September 2016



1. (when intr., usually followed by “against”) to act or act against with equal power or force
2. (trans.) to make up for; compensate; offset

When greed and curiosity
Countervail suspicion

Thursday 22 September 2016



1. a combination or set of one or more units of sound in a language that must consist of a sonorous element (a sonant or vowel) and may or may not contain less sonorous elements (consonants or semivowels) flanking it on either or both sides.
2. (in the writing systems of certain languages, especially ancient ones) a symbol or set of symbols standing for a syllable
3. the least mention in speech or print
4. to pronounce syllables of (a text); articulate
5. (trans.) to write down in syllables

Wooden minstrel
Unable to syllable
If not in a song

Wednesday 21 September 2016



1. to splash with small blobs; spatter
2. a splash of liquid, mud, etc.

Intemperate years
Have splattered these walls
With old age flowers

Tuesday 20 September 2016



to express by or make gestures

A debate of statues
Marble gesticulating

Monday 19 September 2016



1. a case or covering for the blade of a knife, sword, etc.
2. any similar close-fitting case
3. biology an enclosing or protective structure, such as a leaf base encasing the stem of a plant
4. the protective covering on an electric cable
5. a figure-hugging dress with a narrow tapering skirt
6. another name for condom
7. (trans.) another word for sheathe

Despite looming fall
Pumpkin flowers still
Burst out of their sheath
Looking for adventure 

Sunday 18 September 2016



any of various onions or similar plants, such as the spring onion, that have a small bulb and long leaves and are eaten in salads. Also called: green onion

A little kick
Scallions over a dish
Cheap domestic exotism 

Saturday 17 September 2016



1. the nest of an eagle or other bird of prey, built in a high inaccessible place
2. the brood of a bird of prey, especially an eagle
3. any high isolated position or place

Cats envy birds
Their eyries
And will steal them

Whenever possible

Friday 16 September 2016



(anatomy) (of a muscle, bone, limb, etc) . situated farthest from the centre, median line, or point of attachment or origin.

Tombs were thus placed
Distal growth along consular roads
To accompany citizens in their travels

A reminder of transience

Thursday 15 September 2016



(trans.) medicine to turn (an organ or part) inside out; turn the outer surface of (an organ or part) back on itself

Men’s ire had buried the place alive
The memory of his owner smothered
Archaeologists reversed the spell for a while
The hill was explored, evaginated
Nero’s palace came back to life

Before being eaten again by its tomb

Wednesday 14 September 2016



-verb (trans.)
1. to remove (excess moulding material and casting irregularities) from a cast component
2. to line or repair (the walls of a furnace)
3. British dialect
a. to prepare or arrange (a thing, oneself, etc.), especially to put a finishing touch to
b. to repair or mend (something)
4. state of health, spirits, etc.
5. another name for fettling

After a few years of fettling

The fountain is in fine fettles

Tuesday 13 September 2016



1. the pivot about which a lever turns
2. something that supports or sustains; prop
3. a spine-like scale occurring in rows along the anterior edge of the fins in primitive bony fishes such as the sturgeon

Importance of a detail
Fulcrum against which all revolves

Turquoise green gem

Monday 12 September 2016



the yarn woven across the width of the fabric through the lengthwise warp yarn. Also called: filling, woof

Dusk builds up
One weft at a time

Across the loom of night

Sunday 11 September 2016



1. the outer covering of something, such as the husk of a grain of maize, a pea pod, or an oyster shell
-verb (trans.)
2. to remove the shucks from
3. (informal) (mainly US and Canadian) to throw off or remove (clothes, etc.)

Just a glance
Inside a shuck
Reveals a whole world

Ready to happen

Saturday 10 September 2016



1. physics
a. the smallest quantity of some physical property, such as energy, that a system can possess according to the quantum theory
b. a particle with such a unit of energy
2. amount or quantity, especially a specific amount
3. (often used with a negative) the least possible amount that can suffice
4. something that can be quantified or measured
5. (modifier) loosely, sudden, spectacular, or vitally important

In the dirt
Quantum cuteness
Begging for food

And cuddles

Friday 9 September 2016



of, near, or relating to the part of the body between the lowest ribs and the hipbones

Oh, the pleasure

Of the lower lumbar view!

Thursday 8 September 2016



1. (intr.) to utter a prolonged high-pitched cry, as of grief or misery
2. (intr.) to make a sound resembling such a cry
3. (trans.) to lament, especially with mournful sounds
4. a prolonged high-pitched mournful cry or sound

In the dark of the night
Wailing ghosts argue
Swearing and cursing
Until someone calls the cops

Finally silencing the neighbours

Whitewash street art by Borondo

Wednesday 7 September 2016



1. open to view; observable
2. (law) open; deliberate.

Not just sweet scents
Floating evanescent temptation

But overt seduction

Tuesday 6 September 2016



1. foolish talk or actions
2. a useless or worthless article; trinket
3. useless or worthless

The name says it all and
While people want to be lied to

Please resist the tawdry call of trumpery

Monday 5 September 2016



1. a small lump or protuberance
2. a small piece or chunk
3. the point or gist
4. a small fibrous knot in yarn

She loses herself in the prose
Looking for a nub

An answer to all questions

Sunday 4 September 2016



1. of or like the colour, texture, etc., of paste
2. (especially of the complexion) pale or unhealthy-looking
3. either one of a pair of small round coverings for the nipples used by striptease dancers

1. a round of pastry folded over a filling of meat, vegetables, etc.

Making tiny pasties
For a summer picnic
A Sunday at the park

Saturday 3 September 2016



1. characterized by joking and good humour

2. meant lightly or humorously; facetious

On a good day
She entertains jocular moods
For a short while
Then sleeps it off

Friday 2 September 2016




(trans.) to take away possession of something from (someone), especially property; expel

Time moved in
Stripping the flesh from their bones
Dispossessing them of their lives
Leaving ruins in its wake

Thursday 1 September 2016



a small lump

Playing against the incoming storm
A pebble, a mere nubble

Awaits for rain