Wednesday 31 December 2014



1. former; one-time
2. (archaic) long ago; formerly

Last dregs
Erstwhile year
Quickly percolating

Tuesday 30 December 2014



1. a group of social insects, especially bees led by a queen, that has left the parent hive in order to start a new colony
2. a large mass of small animals, especially insects
3. a throng or mass, especially when moving or in turmoil
4. (intr.) (of small animals, especially bees) to move in or form a swarm
5. (intr.) to congregate, move about or proceed in large numbers
6. when intr., often followed by “with” . to overrun or be overrun (with)  
7. (trans.) to cause to swarm

1. when intr., usually followed by “up” . to climb (a ladder, etc.) by gripping with the hands and feet

Memories of this
Checking out the swarm
With dearly loved friends
Trimming hives
Of rogue honey

Monday 29 December 2014



1. characterized by lack of logic; senseless or unreasonable
2. disregarding logical principles

We struggle for meanings
Everything illogical knots
Anchored in the night

Sunday 28 December 2014



1. (of a plant, seed, etc.) to produce (new leaves, shoots, etc.)
2.(intr.) often followed by “up” . to begin to grow or develop
3. a newly grown shoot or bud
4. something that grows like a sprout

Apple and sprouts
Sugar and spice
Scandinavian fare