Thursday, 13 December 2012



1. (trans.) to get rid of (an ailment, fault, or problem); heal
2. (trans.) to restore to health or good condition
3. (intr.) to bring about a cure
4. (trans.) to preserve (meat, fish, etc.) by salting, smoking, etc.
5. (trans.)
a. to treat or finish (a substance) by chemical or physical means
b. to vulcanize (rubber)
c. to allow (a polymer) to set often using heat or pressure
6. (trans.) to assist the hardening of (concrete, mortar, etc.) by keeping it moist
7. a return to health, especially after specific treatment
8. any course of medical therapy, especially one proved effective in combating a disease
9. a means of restoring health or improving a condition, situation, etc.
10. the spiritual and pastoral charge of a parish: the cure of souls
11. a process or method of preserving meat, fish, etc., by salting, pickling, or smoking

Do not
Do not cure me
I have no wish to be vulcanized
Nor pickled – except on a Friday night
Nor preserved in any way
I have long accepted
My transient nature
And need no further hardening
Against what is
Yet to come.

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