Tuesday 31 May 2011



Unwanted or uninteresting printed matter such as governmental forms, legal documents, junk mail, promotional pamphlets, etc.

The mailbox was stacked with bumf
So tight that no real mail could sneak in
Wasting trees.

Monday 30 May 2011




1. suffering from or affected with spavin.
2. being of or marked by a decrepit or broken-down condition

Spavined and leprous walls
Breathing out toxic fumes
Drink poison from your lips

Sunday 29 May 2011




1. from higher to lower; in descending direction or order; toward, into, or in a lower position.
2. on or to the ground, floor, or bottom.
3. to or in a sitting or lying position.
4. to or in a position, area, or district considered lower, especially from a geographical or cartographic standpoint, as to the south, a business district, etc.
5. to or at a lower value or rate.
6. to a lesser pitch or volume.
7. in or to a calmer, less active, or less prominent state.
8. from an earlier to a later time.
9. from a greater to a lesser strength, amount, etc.
10.in an attitude of earnest application.
11.on paper or in a book.
12.in cash at the time of purchase; at once.
13.to the point of defeat, submission, inactivity, etc.
14.in or into a fixed or supine position.
15.to the source or actual position.
16.into a condition of ill health.
17.in or into a lower status or condition.
18.Nautical . toward the lee side, so as to turn a vessel to windward.
19.in a descending or more remote direction or place on, over, or along.
20.downward; going or directed downward.
21.being at a low position or on the ground, floor, or bottom.
22.toward the south, a business district, etc.
23.associated with or serving traffic, transportation, or the like, directed toward the south, a business district, etc.
24.downcast; depressed; dejected.
25.ailing, especially, sick and bedridden.
26.being the portion of the full price, as of an article bought on the installment plan, that is paid at the time of purchase or delivery.
27.Football . (of the ball) not in play.
28.behind an opponent or opponents in points, games, etc.
29.Baseball . out.
30.losing or having lost the amount indicated, especially at gambling.
31.having placed one's bet.
32.finished, done, considered, or taken care of.
33.out of order.
34.a downward movement; descent.
35.a turn for the worse; reverse.
36.Football .
a.one of a series of four plays during which a team must advance the ball at least 10 yards (9 meters) to keep possession of it.
b.the declaring of the ball as down or out of play, or the play immediately preceding this.
–verb (used with object)
37.to put, knock, or throw down; subdue.
38.to drink down, especially quickly or in one gulp.
39.Informal . to defeat in a game or contest.
40.to cause to fall from a height, especially by shooting.
–verb (used without object)
41.to go down; fall.
42.(used as a command to a dog to stop attacking, to stop jumping on someone, to get off a couch or chair, etc.).
43.(used as a command or warning to duck, take cover, or the like)

1. the soft, first plumage of many young birds.
2. the soft under plumage of birds as distinct from the contour feathers.
3. the under plumage of some birds, as geese and ducks, used for filling in quilts, clothing, etc., chiefly for warmth.
4. a growth of soft, fine hair or the like.
5. Botany .
a.a fine, soft pubescence on plants and some fruits.
b.the light, feathery pappus or coma on seeds by which they are borne on the wind, as on the dandelion and thistle.
6. filled with down

1. Often, downs. (used especially in southern England) open, rolling, upland country with fairly smooth slopes usually covered with grass.
2. (initial capital letter ) any sheep of several breeds, raised originally in the downs of southern England, as the Southdown, Suffolk, etc.
3. Archaic . a hill, especially a sand hill or dune.

Yolks running down
Soaking into bread

Saturday 28 May 2011



1. The ability to sit through or tolerate something boring.
2. The ability to endure or persist in a task.

Cats have the gift
Of permanent sitzfleisch

Friday 27 May 2011



-verb trans.

To help oneself with one's own initiative and no outside help.
Unaided efforts.
Reliant on one's own efforts

I claim I bootstrapped myself
Through a series of hobbies
I never said I was good at them.

Thursday 26 May 2011



Frenzied; agitated; unrestrained

They dance in the froth
Corybantic mermaids.

Wednesday 25 May 2011



1. Obsolete - a congenitally grossly deformed and mentally defective person.
2. a foolish person.
3. a person who spends time idly daydreaming.

I became a writer
To forget that I was a mooncalf
Perfect alibi.

Tuesday 24 May 2011



1. the lower border of a roof that overhangs the wall —usually used in plural
2. a projecting edge (as of a hill) —usually used in plural

Nature's uncanny way
With eaves dropping.

Monday 23 May 2011



1. a groove or furrow in a soft road, caused by wheels
2. any deep mark, hole, or groove
3. a narrow or predictable way of life, set of attitudes, etc; dreary or undeviating routine (especially in the phrase "in a rut")
4. (trans.) to make a rut or ruts in


1. a recurrent period of sexual excitement and reproductive activity in certain male ruminants, such as the deer, that corresponds to the period of oestrus in females
2. another name for oestrus
3. (intr.) (of male ruminants) to be in a period of sexual excitement and activity

With its rutted horns,
The ram has the perfect excuse
For perennial rut.

Sunday 22 May 2011



1. Marked by absence of a plan; disconnected; jumping from one thing to another.
2. Digressing from the main subject; random.

Foxed by market offers
Meals acquire a desultory quality
Haphazard fare
Brought together by fate
Rather than planning

Saturday 21 May 2011



–verb (used with object)

1. to entice, lure, or ensnare by flattery or artful talk or inducements (usually followed by "into")
2. to acquire, win, or obtain by beguiling talk or methods (usually followed by "from" or "away")

His sweet dove-like purr
Is perfect for inveigling me
Into feeding him a few morsels

Friday 20 May 2011



-verb (intr. or trans.)

To perceive, without counting, the number of objects in a small group.

To understand the sea
Just subitize drops in a wave
And add mystery.

Thursday 19 May 2011



The inability to recall names of people or objects.

That thing
That thing you've got
It's driving me crazy
Anomia - the word anemia
The madness of it all
The more I battle
The more I lose

Wednesday 18 May 2011



1. To toughen or temper.
2. To heat (glass, earthenware, metals, etc.) to remove or prevent internal stress.
3. To free from internal stress by heating and gradually cooling.
4. To fuse colors onto (a vitreous or metallic surface) by heating.

With each rejection
My heart's skin annealed
Tempered stained glass vessel
With leaden wings

Tuesday 17 May 2011



1. cross, querulous, or fretful, as from vexation or discontent.
2. showing annoyance, irritation, or bad mood.
3. perverse or obstinate.

Peevish parenting birds
Showering insults and pine cones
Onto adventurous cats

Monday 16 May 2011



a male duck.


1. a small cannon, used especially in the 17th and 18th centuries.
2. Angling . an artificial fly resembling a mayfly
3. Archaic . a dragon.

Here be drakes!
Said the maps
Our heads in the clouds
We read dragons
They meant ducks.

Sunday 15 May 2011



Knotty; rough; rugged.

Knaggy cookies
Teasing the tongue
With texture to contrast
Sweetness and fat

Saturday 14 May 2011




Loud and clear.
An ancient trumpet used as a signal in war.

Pointed teeth
And a clarion message:
Time for another nap

Friday 13 May 2011



A brooch or buckle set with precious stones.

I just pricked my finger
With my grand mother's ouch.

Thursday 12 May 2011



the inability to remember a word or put your finger on the right word

I stumble
Caught between linguistic traps,
A victim of lethologica
And confusion
Happy for a name for the condition
Which is not Alzheimer's.

Wednesday 11 May 2011



1. Anatomy . of, pertaining to, or situated near the side and top of the skull or the parietal bone.
2. Biology . of or pertaining to parietes or structural walls.
3. Botany . pertaining to or arising from a wall: usually applied to ovules when they proceed from or are borne on the walls or sides of the ovary.

But for his parietal eye
His tune would be lacking depth of field
If it wasn't for his heart's
Compound vision

Tuesday 10 May 2011




1. Nautical . a stout pole such as those used for masts, etc.; a mast, yard, boom, gaff, or the like.
2. Aeronautics . a principal lateral member of the framework of a wing of an airplane.
–verb (used with object)
3. to provide or make with spars.

–verb (used without object)
1. (of boxers) to make the motions of attack and defense with the arms and fists, especially as a part of training.
2. to box, especially with light blows.
3. to strike or attack with the feet or spurs, as gamecocks do.
4. to bandy words; dispute.
5. a motion of sparring.
6. a boxing match.
7. a dispute.

any of various more or less lustrous crystalline minerals

I often wonder
About angels physiology
Their skeletons and mechanics
If their wings have spars
If they have guts
Or brains, even.

Monday 9 May 2011



Piercingly loud.

She might have been called
Venus calliopean
But centuries erased her voice
She just stares now
Unable to cry “Fools!” anymore.

Sunday 8 May 2011



an excessively fault finding person

Ô smelfungus,
Why can't I call this
A savoury tiramisu?

Saturday 7 May 2011



1. A maidservant or lady's maid in a play or an opera, especially one who displays coquetry and engages in intrigue.
2. A young woman regarded as flirtatious.
3. A soprano who sings supporting roles in comic opera.

We had known
Of her talent
A shameless flirt
Plying to all
She'd have been called

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Friday 6 May 2011



1. A veteran sailor.
2. A harbor seal.
3. A pirate or privateer.
4. A faint rainbow-like formation seen in foggy conditions. Also called mistbow, fogbow, and white rainbow.

Looking for seadogs
In dubious puddles
I found only mud

Thursday 5 May 2011



–verb (used with object)

to praise highly; laud; eulogize

His gardening skills extolled
He then garnished every walls
Drunk on praise, avid for more.

Wednesday 4 May 2011




A charm, amulet, or fetish.

My grand-mother's owl
A truly cherished gris-gris
Will it make me wise?

Tuesday 3 May 2011



–noun Botany .
1. the flower of a plant, especially of one producing an edible fruit.
2. the state of flowering.
–verb (used without object)
3. Botany . to produce or yield blossoms.
4. to flourish; develop (often followed by “into”  or “out” ).
5. (of a parachute) to open.

Shy blossoms sing
Hiding in the greenery
Unveiled by their scent

Monday 2 May 2011



1. of or pertaining to a digit or finger.
2. resembling a digit or finger.
3. manipulated with a finger or the fingertips.
4. displaying a readout in digital form.
5. having digits or digit-like parts.
6. of, pertaining to, or using data in the form of numerical digits.
7. Computers . involving or using numerical digits expressed in a scale of notation to represent discretely all variables occurring in a problem.
8. of, pertaining to, or using numerical calculations.
9. available in electronic form; readable and manipulable by computer.
10. one of the keys or finger levers of keyboard instruments.

You have gone digital, binary even,
And I am lost in a forest of 1 and 0s,
Looking for some more sophisticated emotion
Or a simpler heart beat still.

Sunday 1 May 2011



1. A color modified by an underlying color.
2. A low or subdued tone of speaking.
3. An unobtrusive or background sound.
4. An underlying quality or element; undercurrent.

With an undertone of earth
And spring