Saturday 30 November 2013



1. of or relating to an invasion, intrusion, etc.
2. relating to or denoting cancer at the stage at which it has spread from its site of origin to other tissues
3. (of surgery) involving making a relatively large incision in the body to gain access to the target of the surgery, as opposed to making a small incision or gaining access endoscopically through a natural orifice

His is a most invasive love
Breaching all matter of territories
His favourite sleeping spot my pillow.
He says he keeps it warm for me.

Friday 29 November 2013



-adj. (far away when postpositive)
1. very distant; remote
2. dreamy or absent-minded

Let’s splash into puddles
Dreaming of doorways
To close-by faraway lands
Just a little distorted
By a touch of rain drops

Thursday 28 November 2013



the number from which another number, the subtrahend, is to be subtracted

Today I am lost in counts
Trying to devise what is left of my life
The tentative minuend elusive
The subtrahend ever expanding

Wednesday 27 November 2013



1. (intransitive) often followed by out to stick out or overhang beyond the surface or main part; protrude or project
2. something that juts out


Jutting gargoyle

Aiming to take flight
Yet anchored to stone
In the end just a jut