Thursday 30 November 2017


[ˈdɒmɪnənsɪ] or Dominance [ˈdɒmɪnəns ]

control; ascendancy

Exerting dominancy
Over my anger

Saving crowds

Wednesday 29 November 2017



1. a gift by will, often of money or personal property
2. something handed down or received from an ancestor or predecessor
3. (modifier) . surviving computer systems, hardware, or software

Dew and tender leaves
Hiding a tasty legacy

From the hands of frost

Tuesday 28 November 2017



1. a bow-shaped display in the sky of the colours of the spectrum, caused by the refraction and reflection of the sun's rays through rain or mist
2. any similar display of bright colours
3. an illusory hope
4. (modifier) of or relating to a political grouping together by several minorities, in particular of different races

Weather playing hard to get
A real drama drag queen

With a rainbow for a feather boa

Monday 27 November 2017


[rɪˈeɪlɪə ]

-plural noun
real-life facts and material used in teaching

Working on presentation skills
Playing along with realia

In order to draw in emotions

Sunday 26 November 2017



1. a form of pasta consisting of wide flat sheets
2. any of several dishes made from layers of lasagne and meat, cheese, etc.

(also: (chiefly American) lasagna)

Sunday oven treat
Lasagne with just a touch of ragu
And fragrant béchamel

Saturday 25 November 2017



1. a person who has the charge or care of something, like a building, or someone
2. any of various public officials, in particular one responsible for the enforcement of certain regulations
3. a person employed to patrol a national park or safari park
4. (mainly US and Canadian) the chief officer in charge of a prison
5. (British) . the principal or president of any of various universities or colleges
a variety of pear that has crisp firm flesh and is used for cooking

I am shouted at

By the warden

Friday 24 November 2017



a plant that grows best with little or no moisture

No doubt
That such tree
Is an hygrophobe

Electric feasts

Thursday 23 November 2017




Little stars
Turn to sun
Their besoin

So great in the cold

Wednesday 22 November 2017



(trans.) (archaic) to soil with mud

Getting myself wet
And bemoiled just to
Get an idea of size

For a mushroom

Tuesday 21 November 2017



(trans.) (archaic) to remove (oneself, one's property, etc.) to a distant place. Also spelled “eloin”

The more I climb
The more my goal
Appears to eloign

Eaten away by fog

Monday 20 November 2017



(Scottish dialect) . ill-tempered or cantankerous

After a violent bout
Of carnaptious weather

Feeble hope

Sunday 19 November 2017



an Italian sauce made with meat and tomatoes

Sunday lunch
Tagliatelle with ragu

Shared with the family

Saturday 18 November 2017



-verb (trans.)
1. to present or represent as being worthy of regard, confidence, kindness, etc.; recommend
2. to give in charge; entrust
3. to express a good opinion of; praise
4. to give the regards of

Such gentleness
Such enthusiasm
I commend the guardian
To the museum authorities
Though she shed hair

All over my trousers

Friday 17 November 2017



1. training or conditions imposed for the improvement of physical powers, self-control, etc.
2. systematic training in obedience to regulations and authority
3. the state of improved behaviour, etc., resulting from such training or conditions
4. punishment or chastisement
5. a system of rules for behaviour, methods of practice, etc.
6. a branch of learning or instruction
7. the laws governing members of a Church
8. a scourge of knotted cords
-verb (trans.)
9. to improve or attempt to improve the behaviour, orderliness, etc., of by training, conditions, or rules
10. to punish or correct

Materials into light
Light into colours

A discipline fully mastered

Thursday 16 November 2017



1. to go onwards or move by or past (a person, thing, etc.)
2. to run, extend, or lead through, over, or across (a place)
3. to go through or cause to go through (an obstacle or barrier)
4. to move or cause to move onwards or over
5. (trans.) to go beyond or exceed
6. to gain or cause to gain an adequate or required mark, grade, or rating in (an examination, course, etc.)
the examiner passed them all
7. ( often followed by “away” or “by”) to elapse or allow to elapse
8. pass the time of day with someone
9. (intr.) to take place or happen
10. to speak or exchange or be spoken or exchanged
11. to spread or cause to spread
12. to transfer or exchange or be transferred or exchanged
13. (intr.) to undergo change or transition
14. ( when trans., often followed by “down”) to transfer or be transferred by inheritance
15. to agree to or sanction or to be agreed to or receive the sanction of a legislative body, person of authority, etc.
16. (trans.) (of a legislative measure) to undergo (a procedural stage) and be agreed
17. ( when trans., often followed by “on” or “upon”) to pronounce or deliver (judgment, findings, etc.)
18. to go or allow to go without comment or censure
19. (intr.) to opt not to exercise a right, as by not answering a question or not making a bid or a play in card games
20. (physiology) . to discharge (urine, faeces, etc.) from the body
21. (intr.) to come to an end or disappear
22. (intr.; usually followed by “for” or “as”) to be likely to be mistaken for or accepted as (someone or something else)
23. (intr.; followed by “away”, “on”, or “over”) a euphemism for die
24. (trans.) (mainly US) . to fail to declare (a dividend)
25. (intr.; usually followed by “on” or “upon”) (mainly US) . (of a court, jury, etc.) to sit in judgment; adjudicate
26. (sport) . to hit, kick, or throw (the ball) to another player
27. the act of passing
28. a route through a range of mountains where the summit is lower or where there is a gap between peaks
29 (capital) as part of a name for a location
30. a way through any difficult region
31. a permit, licence, or authorization to do something without restriction
32. (administration)
a. a document allowing entry to and exit from a military installation
b. a document authorizing leave of absence
33. (British) the passing of a college or university examination to a satisfactory standard but not as high as honours
34. a dive, sweep, or bombing or landing run by an aircraft
35. a motion of the hand or of a wand as a prelude to or part of a conjuring trick
35. (informal) . an attempt, in words or action, to invite sexual intimacy
36. a state of affairs or condition, in particular a bad or difficult one
37. (sport) . the transfer of a ball from one player to another
38. (fencing) . a thrust or lunge with a sword
39. (bridge) . the act of passing (making no bid)
40. (bullfighting) .  a variant of “pase”
41. (archaic) . a witty sally or remark
42. (bridge) . a call indicating that a player has no bid to make

Clouds and snow
Over the pass

Conflicted zone

Wednesday 15 November 2017



-noun (functioning as singular)
the study of the flight dynamics of projectiles, either through the interaction of the forces of propulsion, the aerodynamics of the projectile, atmospheric resistance, and gravity (exterior ballistics), or through these forces along with the means of propulsion, and the design of the propelling weapon and projectile (interior ballistics)

Looking up
Studying the ballistics
Of  ripe persimmons
And the probability
For a hefty gale

To send them my way

Tuesday 14 November 2017



1. the limits within which a person or thing can function effectively
2. the limits within which any fluctuation takes place
3. the total products of a manufacturer, designer, or stockist
4. (ballistics)
a. the maximum effective distance of a projectile fired from a weapon
b. the distance between a target and a weapon
5. an area set aside for shooting practice or rocket testing
6. the total distance which a ship, aircraft, or land vehicle is capable of covering without taking on fresh fuel
7. (physics) . the distance that a particle of ionizing radiation, such as an electron or proton, can travel through a given medium, like air, before ceasing to cause ionization
8. (mathematics , logic)
a. (of a function) the set of values that the function takes for all possible arguments
b. (of a variable) the set of values that a variable can take
c. (of a quantifier) the set of values that the variable bound by the quantifier can take
9. (statistics) . a measure of dispersion obtained by subtracting the smallest from the largest sample values
10. the extent of pitch difference between the highest and lowest notes of a voice, instrument, etc
11. (US and Canadian) . an extensive tract of open land on which livestock can graze
12. the geographical region in which a species of plant or animal normally grows or lives
13. a rank, row, or series of items
14. a series or chain of mountains
15. a large stove with burners and one or more ovens, usually heated by solid fuel
16. the act or process of ranging
17. (nautical) . a line of sight taken from the sea along two or more navigational aids that mark a navigable channel
18. the extension or direction of a survey line, established by marking two or more points
19. a double-faced bookcase, as in a library
20. to establish or be situated in a line, row, or series
21. (trans; often reflexive ; followed by “with”) to put into a specific category; classify
22. (followed by “on”) to aim or point (a telescope, gun, etc) or (of a gun, telescope, etc) to be pointed or aimed
23. to establish the distance of (a target) from (a weapon)
24. (intr.) (of a gun or missile) to have a specified range
25. (when intr., followed by “over”) to traverse (an area); roam (over)
26. (intr. ; followed by “over”) (of an animal or plant) to live or grow in its normal habitat
27. (trans) to put (cattle) to graze on a range
28. (intr.) to fluctuate within specific limits
their ages range from 18 to 21
29. (intr.) to extend or run in a specific direction
30. (trans.) (nautical) . to coil (an anchor rope or chain) so that it will pay out smoothly
31. (intr.) (nautical) . (of a vessel) to swing back and forth while at anchor
32. (trans.) to make (lines of printers' type) level or even at the margin

Saltpetre playing out
Challenging the range
Of my imagination

Silhouettes lost in the frost

Monday 13 November 2017



(Scottish and Northern England) (dialect) . lively, confident, or saucy

A slew of graffiti
Laced with crouse interjections
A call to love

Or for help?

Sunday 12 November 2017



a small round of toasted bread on which a savoury mixture is served

Old bread
Turned to luscious croutes
By the magic of cheese

Sausages and mushrooms

Saturday 11 November 2017



1. given or received without payment or obligation
2. without cause; unjustified
3. (law) . given or made without receiving any value in return

Nothing trumps
A gratuitous act of kindness,
Free sunshine and
A silly grumpy cat

Friday 10 November 2017



1. to produce and issue (printed or electronic matter) for distribution and sale
2. (intr.) to have one's written work issued for publication
3. (trans.) to announce formally or in public
4. (trans.) to communicate (defamatory matter) to someone other than the person defamed

We run after time
Trying to leave a trace
Publish our existence
As a proof of humanity

All to burn away

Thursday 9 November 2017



1. a biography or historical account, in particular if based on personal knowledge
2. an essay or monograph, as on a specialized topic
3. (obsolete) . a memorandum

Let me sigh over
A tomb of favourite

Marble memoirs

Wednesday 8 November 2017



1. the quality of being open and honest; frankness
2. fairness; impartiality
3. (obsolete) . purity or brightness

Minutes of silence
A flash of candour
So brutal yet necessary

Nothing will happen

Tuesday 7 November 2017



1. (intr.) to glance quickly or furtively; peep
2. a quick or furtive glance

Morning rain
And passing clouds
Gifted me with yet another peek
At Mount Fuji

Monday 6 November 2017



1. a spongy, highly vascular organ situated near the stomach in human beings, forming lymphocytes, producing antibodies, aiding in destroying worn-out red blood cells, as well as filtering bacteria and foreign particles from the blood
2. the corresponding organ in other animals
3. spitefulness or ill humour; peevishness
4. (archaic) . the organ in the human body considered to be the seat of the emotions
5. (archaic) . another word for melancholy
6. (obsolete) . whim; mood

Loud silence
Hissed between
Clenched teeth
Monsters born
From the spleen

Sunday 5 November 2017



1. to turn or cause to turn in a twisting spinning fashion
2. (intr.) to be dizzy; swim
3. a whirling or spinning motion
4. a whorl; curl
5. the act of swirling or stirring
6. dizzy confusion

Warm and tender
Lush swirls

Delicate pastry

Saturday 4 November 2017



Quality of that which is full of splendour

Make no mistake
She thinks herself
Quite the splendorous creature

The one ruler of all 

Friday 3 November 2017



-noun [ˈiːɡrɛs]
1. Also called : egression . the act of going or coming out; emergence
2. a way out, such as a path; exit
3. the right or permission to go out or depart
4. (astronomy) .  another name for emersion (the reappearance of a celestial body after an eclipse or occultation)
-verb [ɪˈɡrɛs] (intr.)
5. to go forth; issue

Peeking in
Peeking out
Without egress

Through the egress

Thursday 2 November 2017



1. (in painting and drawing) to soften or blend (an outline or colour) with an upper coat of opaque colour, applied very thinly
2. the upper layer of colour applied in this way
3. the technique or effects of scumbling

Late dew
Early fog
Scumbling the views

Wednesday 1 November 2017



breakable or fragile

Hope is hidden there
In frangible truths
Bearing their own pollen

As they become impossible.