Saturday 31 December 2016



1. (when trans., takes a clause as object or an infinitive; when intr., often followed by “for”) to want or desire (something, often that which cannot be or is not the case)
2. (trans.) to feel or express a desire or hope concerning the future or fortune of
3. (trans.) to desire or prefer to be as specified
4. (trans.) to greet as specified; bid
5. (trans.) formal to order politely
6. the act of wishing; the expression of some desire or mental inclination
7. something desired or wished for
8. (usually plural) expressed hopes or desire, especially for someone's welfare, health, etc.
9. (often plural) formal a polite order or request

Caos is gone now
So our wish
For the New Year
Is aimed at Microbo
- He of the failing lungs -

May his health hold

Friday 30 December 2016




not relating or pertinent to the matter at hand; not important

They run away
But that’s irrelevant
Death always catches up

Thursday 29 December 2016



1. Also: flexile [ˈflɛksaɪl] . able to be bent easily without breaking; pliable
2. adaptable or variable

3. able to be persuaded easily; tractable

He begs her
To be more flexible
But rigor mortis has set
And she laughs at him

Wednesday 28 December 2016



a large destructive fire

Early walk
Admiring conflagrations

In the clouds

Tuesday 27 December 2016



(obsolete) relating to feelings of lust

Taking advantage
Of the holidays for

A few tentiginous visits

Monday 26 December 2016



1. (often plural) (mainly British) . a period in which a break is taken from work or studies for rest, travel, or recreation.
2. a day on which work is suspended by law or custom, such as a religious festival, bank holiday, etc.
3. (intr.) (mainly British) . to spend a holiday

Lost in his friends' digital holidays
He totally misses his own

Sunday 25 December 2016



1. a smell or flavour that is distinctive though faint
2. a distinctive trace or touch 
3. a small quantity, especially a mouthful or taste
-verb (intr.; followed by “of”)
4. to have the characteristic smell or flavour (of something)
5. to have an element suggestive (of something)

1. (trans.) to strike or slap smartly, with or as if with the open hand
2. to strike or send forcibly or loudly or to be struck or sent forcibly or loudly
3. to open and close (the lips) loudly, especially to show pleasure
4. (trans.) to kiss noisily
5. a sharp resounding slap or blow with something flat, or the sound of such a blow
6. a loud kiss
7. a sharp sound made by the lips, as in enjoyment
-adv. (informal)
8. directly; squarely
9. with a smack: sharply and unexpectedly

Some cakes smack of the holidays
Once a year treat

Saturday 24 December 2016



(often plural) a childish fit of rage; outburst of bad temper

Unscheduled visits
Are met with a touch

Of tantrum

Friday 23 December 2016



-verb (intr.)
1. to stroll about freely, as for relaxation, with no particular direction
2. (of paths, streams, etc.) to follow a winding course; meander
3. (of plants) to grow in a random fashion
4. (of speech, writing, etc.) to lack organization
5. a leisurely stroll, especially in the countryside

A full day's ramble
Concluded with friends and wine

Thursday 22 December 2016



1. an adhesive label, poster, or paper
2. a person or thing that sticks
3. a persevering or industrious person
4. something prickly, such as a thorn, that clings to one's clothing, etc.
5. informal something that perplexes
6. informal a knife used for stabbing
or piercing

Playful pious sticker
Catching the eye
And the rain

Wednesday 21 December 2016



1. a long scarf or shawl, worn by women
2. a long narrow scarf worn by various officiating clergymen

Entangled as he was
In her stole and skirt
He missed the battle
War never happened

Tuesday 20 December 2016



-verb (intr.)
1. to move unsteadily
2. to twist the body
3. to feel nausea
4. an unsteady movement
5. a sensation of nausea

The golem woke
And wambled
Trying to hold
Its pebbles
Cursing evenings
Of heavy drinking
Sub-Saharan rains

Monday 19 December 2016



1. the practice of concealing messages in such a way that only the sender and the recipient know that there is a message
2. computing the concealment of a message or data within an image, audio, or video file

Nature sending us
Messages in steganography
Only hearts can read
Who want to read

Sunday 18 December 2016



1. a container made of interwoven strips of pliable materials, such as cane, straw, thin wood, or plastic, and often carried by means of a handle or handles
2. Also called: basketful . the amount a basket will hold
3. something resembling such a container in appearance or function, such as the structure suspended from a balloon
4. basketball
a. an open horizontal metal hoop fixed to the backboard, through which a player must throw the ball to score points
b. a point or points scored in this way
5. a group or collection of similar or related things

6. the list of items an internet shopper chooses to buy at one time from a website

Pasta nested
In a Parmesan basket
Too much cheese (yes)

Saturday 17 December 2016



involved with others in reprehensible or illegal activity

The twins protect each other
Complicit in napping and bullying
Of tender-hearted tourists
Foolish enough to order food
And not share it with them

Friday 16 December 2016



1. a hand tool for drilling holes, with a socket to hold the drill at one end and a cranked handle by which the tool can be turned. In full: hand brace
2. something that steadies, binds, or holds up another thing
3. a structural member, such as a beam or prop, used to stiffen a framework
4. a sliding loop, usually of leather, attached to the cords of a drum: used to change its tension
5. a pair; two, especially of game birds
6. either of a pair of characters, { }, used for connecting lines of printing or writing or as a third sign of aggregation in complex mathematical or logical expressions that already contain parentheses and square brackets
7. Also called: accolade .  a line or bracket connecting two or more staves of music
8. (often plural) an appliance of metal bands and wires that can be tightened to maintain steady pressure on the teeth for correcting uneven alignment
9. (medicine) any of various appliances for supporting the trunk, a limb, or teeth
10. another word for bracer (archery, fencing) . a leather guard worn to protect the arm
11. (in square-rigged sailing ships) a rope that controls the movement of a yard and thus the position of a sail
12. (if plural) (British) .  a pair of straps worn over the shoulders for holding up the trousers
-verb (mainly trans)
13. to provide, strengthen, or fit with a brace
14. to steady or prepare (oneself or something) as before an impact
15. (also intr.) to stimulate; freshen; invigorate
16. to control the horizontal movement of (the yards of a square-rigged sailing ship)

Reading Proust
Bracing ourselves

Against compulsive braces

Original picture courtesy of Simon Vestdijk (and creative commons) - his picture has been cropped and words added.

Thursday 15 December 2016



any writing materials, such as paper, envelopes, pens, ink, rulers, etc.

After all these years,
And much digital writing
I still favour basic stationery

And glorious paper

Wednesday 14 December 2016



1. not moving; standing still
2. not able to be moved
3. showing no change
4. tending to remain in one place

The shepherdess has gone
With the music player

They dally, time stationary

Tuesday 13 December 2016



1. a piece of cloth draped around the head to frame the face, worn by women in the Middle Ages and still a part of the habit of some nuns
2. (Scottish) a curve or bend, as in a river
3. (rare) to ripple or cause to ripple or undulate
4. (trans.) archaic to cover with or put a wimple on
5. (archaic) (especially of a veil) to lie or cause to lie in folds or pleats

Marble wimples
Its veins disregarding words
And attempts at senses

Knows no restraints

Monday 12 December 2016




turning yellow; yellowish

In the wind
Flavescent dancers
Cover me in gold

Sunday 11 December 2016



1. a nun

1. French pastry made of two choux pastry cases, one larger than the other, filled with flavoured custard (crème pâtissière), and bound/decorated with butter cream

The absurdity
Of roses and raspberries
And barely a wimple
For my religieuse

Saturday 10 December 2016



of, relating to, resembling, or situated near the kidney

If your cat drinks a lot
Please have it checked

For renal insufficiency

Friday 9 December 2016



1. any of numerous leguminous plants of the temperate genus Trifolium, having leaves divided into three leaflets and dense heads of small white, yellow, red, or purple flowers
2. any of various related plants having leaves divided into three leaflets, such as bird's-foot trefoil
3. a leaf having three leaflets
4. (architecture) . an ornament in the form of three arcs arranged in a circle

Looking for fortune in the trefoil
That odd even leafed specimen

No luck.

Thursday 8 December 2016



-verb (intr.)
1. to walk at a leisurely relaxed pace
2. (of a horse) to move slowly, lifting both legs on one side together
3. to ride a horse at an amble or leisurely pace
4. a leisurely motion in walking
5. a leisurely walk
6. the ambling gait of a horse

Room after room
Ambling about
To this painting
Or another as fancy

Takes them

Wednesday 7 December 2016



(especially in legal contexts) seeking or authorized to seek information

Perhaps a scholar
Preparing a thesis
In rogatory terms
Perhaps a poet

Counting on his fingers

Drawing by Alfons Mucha

Tuesday 6 December 2016



causing fear or discouragement; intimidating

Question the wisdom
Of such daunting entrance

To a library

Monday 5 December 2016



1. knowledge or belief obtained neither by reason nor by perception
2. instinctive knowledge or belief
3. a hunch or unjustified belief
4. (philosophy) . immediate knowledge of a proposition or object such as Kant's account of our knowledge of sensible objects
5. the supposed faculty or process by which we obtain any of these

Tired of stories
Though he comes in
On his horse
Her intuition whispers
These are lies

He tells to himself

Sunday 4 December 2016



a dish originating from the East, consisting of rice flavoured with spices and cooked in stock, to which meat, poultry, or fish may be added. Variants: pilaf, pilaff [ˈpɪlæf], pilao [pɪˈlaʊ], pilaw [pɪˈlɔː] or pulao [pʊˈlaʊ]

Playing with pilau
Leaning to risotto
Fennel, horseradish
White chocolate

Salmon eggs

Saturday 3 December 2016



1. (of clothes) worn to rags; tattered
2. (of a person) dressed in shabby tattered clothes
3. having a neglected or unkempt appearance
4. having a loose, rough, or uneven surface or edge; jagged

5. uneven or irregular

Some undisclosed illness
Or lack of lust for life
Has left him with a ragged coat
Covering prominent bones

Friday 2 December 2016



1. (botany) . covered with a bluish waxy or powdery bloom
2. bluish-green

I ran into the ocean lately and it misses you
It’s not saying, at least not much just
Rolling around pebbles under foot and
Moaning glaucous watery roars under its breath
Dejected lover – why did you leave?

Thursday 1 December 2016



1. a seal, gem, etc., ornamented with a sunken or incised design, as opposed to a design in relief.
2. the art or process of incised carving
3. a design, figure, or ornamentation carved, engraved, or etched into the surface of the material used
4. any of various printing techniques using an etched or engraved plate. The whole plate is smeared with ink, the surface wiped clean, and the ink in the recesses then transferred to the paper or other material
5. an incised die used to make a design in relief

Everything is about leading
Visitors away from truth
Faux intaglio is a painting
Marbles are simple casts

The Roman villa a Twenties’ folly

Wednesday 30 November 2016



-verb (trans.)
1. to choose or gather the best or required examples
2. to take out (an animal, especially an inferior one) from a herd
3. to reduce the size of (a herd or flock) by killing a proportion of its members
4. to gather (flowers, fruit, etc.)
5. to cease to employ; get rid of
6. the act or product of culling
7. an inferior animal taken from a herd or group

In case of excess
Kill your darlings
Cull a few angels
Replace them by dragons
It’s all a matter of wings
And the dreams you should

Have had instead

Tuesday 29 November 2016



to know or discover by intuition

get lost
In alleys
Without intuit
No sense nor rhyme, no ups or downs
Exit but an illusion
A shimmering sea
At the end
Of a


Monday 28 November 2016



-plural noun

(informal) great quantities

Today’s achievement
Oodles of years
And (hopefully)
More to come

Sunday 27 November 2016



1. an evergreen myrtaceous shrub, Feijoa sellowiana, of South America
2. the fruit of this shrub

Wind has culled
And pushed

Feijoas in my path

Saturday 26 November 2016




having little or no adverse or harmful effect; harmless

You might think of her
As an innocuous creature
But her ears are a warning:
Don’t mess with the lady!

Friday 25 November 2016



apt to make trivial criticisms; fault-finding; carping

To pay for university
Lea spent her weekends
Writing mean little articles
Loaded with captious comments

For the local newspaper

Thursday 24 November 2016



1. keen or incisive
2. vigorous and effective
3. distinctly defined
4. (archaic or poetic) sharp

Ruined cave dwellings
A trenchant monarch
Pasted to derelict walls

Museum of despair

Wednesday 23 November 2016



1. to promise, offer, or give something, usually money, to (a person) to procure services or gain influence, especially illegally
2. a reward, such as money or favour, given or offered for this purpose
3. any persuasion or lure
4. a length of flawed or damaged cloth removed from the main piece

Bribes being taken
Or spoken of
Cloth felony innuendoes
Something evil is moving
And it might be the press

Or pure gossip

Tuesday 22 November 2016



1. a public display or performance, especially a showy or ceremonial one
2. a thing or person seen, especially an unusual or ridiculous one
3. a strange or interesting object or phenomenon
4. (modifier) of or relating to spectacles

A hidden alley
Free spectacle for all
To ogle and distort

Monday 21 November 2016



1. (trans.) to put at a loss; confound
2. a state of utter perplexity prohibiting action or speech

The concave mirror effect nonplusses
Adding details out of scope from reality

Possibly a portal to another dimension

Sunday 20 November 2016



1. a specified day of the month
2. the particular day or year of an event
3. (plural) the years of a person's birth and death or of the beginning and end of an event or period
4. an inscription on a coin, letter, etc., stating when it was made or written
5. (social)
a. an appointment for a particular time, especially with a person to whom one is sexually or romantically attached
b. the person with whom the appointment is made
6. the present moment
7. (trans.) to mark (a letter, coin, etc.) with the day, month, or year
8. (trans.) to assign a date of occurrence or creation to
9. (intr.; followed by “from” or “back to”) to have originated (at a specified time)
10. (trans.) to reveal the age of
11. to make or become old-fashioned
12. (informal), (mainly US and Canadian)
a. to be a boyfriend or girlfriend of (someone of the opposite sex)
b. to accompany (a member of the opposite sex) on a date

1. the fruit of the date palm, having sweet edible flesh and a single large woody seed
2. short for date palm

Here we have a date
With a date
Waiting for dessert

Date photo by Kevin Fai (licensed under creative commons)

Saturday 19 November 2016



1. (archaic or literary) saucy or impudent
2. (archaic or literary) a saucy or impudent person

For a not so humble feee,
The hunt is open
And I invade the inhabitants
Of this cute Kitty Café
With my camera
Making a pest of myself
Being called malapert

By the furry locals 

Friday 18 November 2016



-adj., -adv.
1. every two months
2. (often avoided because of confusion with sense 1) twice a month; semimonthly.
3. a periodical published every two months

Sam would go out
And meet death bimonthly
For a game of chess
Played for money;
Cheated to lose so that
Death could afford something to eat
It looked way too thin
To be healthy

Thursday 17 November 2016



-verb (trans.)
to confuse

A partially torn poster
Bumfuzzles the mind
For a short while
Then memory strikes back
To homophobic propaganda

I tear the rest of the poster

Wednesday 16 November 2016



-verb (trans.)
1. to obscure or darken

2. to perplex or bewilder

Inattentive glances
And mixed propaganda
Obfuscating the message
This is no teething angel
But Aeolus firing a rocket

Tuesday 15 November 2016



1. the use of the same vowel sound with different consonants or the same consonant with different vowels in successive words or stressed syllables, as in a line of verse.
2. partial correspondence; rough similarity

Rosy dawn
Gelid morning

Atmospheric assonance

Monday 14 November 2016



1. a discordant combination of sounds
2. lack of agreement or consistency
3. (music)
a. a sensation commonly associated with all intervals of the second and seventh, all diminished and augmented intervals, and all chords based on these intervals.
b. an interval or chord of this kind

Pinching the cords of dissonance
Asserting my rights to be different
Incongruent and magnificently unique
Just like my cells want me to be

Sunday 13 November 2016



1. any of several zingiberaceous plants of the genus Zingiber, especially Z. officinale of the East Indies, cultivated throughout the tropics for its spicy hot-tasting underground stem.
2. the underground stem of this plant, which is used fresh or powdered as a flavouring or crystallized as a sweetmeat
3. any of certain related plants
4. a reddish-brown or yellowish-brown colour
5. (informal) . liveliness; vigour
6. (informal) . a person with ginger hair
7. (trans.) to add the spice ginger to (a dish)

Fate is fiery

Ginger and scary

Saturday 12 November 2016



of, relating to, or befitting a king or queen; royal


(sometimes plural) a portable organ equipped only with small reed pipes, popular from the 15th century and recently revived for modern performance

Accepting homages
The only acceptable orange tyrant
A most regal creature
The poor fractured Heathcliffe