Monday 31 December 2012



1. a gliding step in ballet, in which one foot slides forwards, sideways, or backwards
2. a controlled slide down a snow slope
3. (intr.) to perform a glissade

As the year glissades
Into an icy immaterial end
Beware time frost bites

Sunday 30 December 2012



1. a small usually metal implement consisting of two, three, or four long thin prongs on the end of a handle, used for lifting food to the mouth or turning it in cooking, etc.
2. an agricultural tool consisting of a handle and three or four metal prongs, used for lifting, digging, etc.
3. a pronged part of any machine, device, etc.
4. of a road, river, etc.
a. a division into two or more branches
b. the point where the division begins
c. such a branch
5. (chiefly US) the main tributary of a river
6. chess . a position in which two pieces are forked
7. (trans.) to pick up, dig, etc., with a fork
8. (trans.) chess . to place (two enemy pieces) under attack with one of one's own pieces, especially a knight
9. (trans.) to make into the shape of a fork
10. (intr.) to be divided into two or more branches
11. to take one or other branch at a fork in a road, river, etc.

We spoon and we fork
Because life is short
And food is getting cold

Saturday 29 December 2012



1. a person or thing that tricks or deceives
2. nonsense; rubbish
3. (Brit) a hard boiled sweet, usually flavoured with peppermint and often having a striped pattern
4. to cheat or deceive (someone)

She objects to wrapping
All this fuss sheer humbug
To the furry curmudgeon

Friday 28 December 2012



1. the act of folding or the condition of being folded or plicate
2. a folded part or structure, especially a fold in a series of rock strata
3. surgery  the act or process of suturing together the walls of a hollow organ or part to reduce its size

A strange oculus
Speaks of plication
Bricks spirited away
Magic wall

Thursday 27 December 2012



1. to avoid or attempt to avoid (a blow, discovery, etc.), as by moving suddenly
2. to evade (questions, etc.) by cleverness or trickery
3. (intr.) bell-ringing . to make a bell change places with its neighbour when sounding in successive changes
4. (trans.) photography . to lighten or darken (selected areas on a print) by manipulating the light from an enlarger
5. a plan or expedient contrived to deceive
6. a sudden evasive or hiding movement
7. a clever contrivance
8. bell-ringing . the act of dodging

Dodging is electronic
A turn of a pen
On a computer screen