Friday 31 October 2014



-plural noun (sometimes capital)
(in Roman legend)
1. the spirits of the dead, often revered as minor deities
2. (functioning as singular) the shade of a dead person

A light to guide
Manes through the cracks
Back to life
For just one night

Thursday 30 October 2014



1. to grip (something) firmly with or as if with the hands
2. when intr, often followed by “at” . to struggle, snatch, or grope (for)
3. (trans.) to understand, especially with effort
4. the act of grasping
5. a grip or clasp, as of a hand
6. the capacity to accomplish
7. total rule or possession
8. understanding; comprehension

Freedom far from anyone’s grasp
Fluttering in the breeze

Wednesday 29 October 2014



a soft black substance that is a form of carbon. It is used in pencils and electrical equipment.

Prisoner of conscience
In a graphite world
Burnt charcoal press-ganged
Into dubious truths

Tuesday 28 October 2014



not able to be attacked
undeniable or irrefutable

Once thought unassailable
Nowadays an obvious ruin
Nothing can ever resists