Thursday 31 October 2013



(rhetoric) . the conclusion of a speech or discourse, in which points made previously are summed up or recapitulated, especially with greater emphasis

The emphasis is there already
No need for further peroration
But why did it have to be blue?

Wednesday 30 October 2013



1. (formal) . a dislike of work or effort; laziness; idleness.
2. (pathology) . the fact or state of causing little pain
3. (pathology) . (especially of a painless ulcer) slowness to heal

It twists and turns
A mad game of maze
But some vexing form
Of bark and lymph indolence
Is keeping it from soaring

Tuesday 29 October 2013



1. a group of five singers or instrumentalists or a piece of music composed for such a group
2. any group of five

She plays along
My mind is grouping
The eyelets on her boots
Into shiny quintets
Something about eye-level
Mass distractions

Monday 28 October 2013



1. an individual peculiarity of character; mannerism or foible
2. an unexpected twist or turn
3. a continuous groove in an architectural moulding
4. a flourish, as in handwriting

We look up at all the quirks
To find pigeons mocking us
A vague bullying presence
Scabby poxy rats with wings

Sunday 27 October 2013



1. any of various marine bivalves of the family Pectinidae, having a fluted fan-shaped shell: includes free-swimming species (genus Pecten) and species attached to a substratum (genus Chlamys)
2. the edible adductor muscle of certain of these molluscs
3. either of the shell valves of any of these molluscs
4. a scallop shell or similarly shaped dish, in which fish, especially shellfish, is cooked and served
5. one of a series of curves along an edge, especially an edge of cloth
6. the shape of a scallop shell used as the badge of a pilgrim, especially in the Middle Ages (mainly 7. Australian) a potato cake fried in batter
8. (trans.) to decorate (an edge) with scallops
9. to bake (food) in a scallop shell or similar dish
10. (intr.) to collect scallop

The sea-ness of it all
Flesh tender yet submissive
Sweet in an almost sexual way
Like eating a mermaid's thigh
Scallop dusted in seaweed

Saturday 26 October 2013



an uncontrollable urge or desire, especially for something harmful; mania

He has this thing
This cacoethes for running across roads
And getting ran over
His game leg a badge of dubious honour
Just a stubborn stupid cat

Friday 25 October 2013



1. requiring special knowledge to be understood; abstruse
2. dealing with abstruse or profound subjects

Recondite with resonances
Magic on a page
Though the wind knows it all