Sunday 30 September 2012



1. any of several Old World spiny rhamnaceous trees of the genus Ziziphus,  especially Z. jujuba,  that have small yellowish flowers and dark red edible fruits (Chinese dates)
2. the fruit of any of these trees
3. a chewy sweet made of flavoured gelatine and sometimes medicated to soothe sore throats

Harvest rolls in
Bringing the gift of jujubes
Unusual attention

Saturday 29 September 2012



1. shrewd, especially in business; astute or wary; knowing
2. dialect (Scot), (Northeast English) good or nice: used as a general term of approval
3. (Scot) lucky or fortunate

4. dialect (Scot), (Northeast English) quite; rather

A canny creature
Yet not so canny
To her preys

Friday 28 September 2012



1. the process of printing from letters or type in relief, rather than from intaglio plates or planographically.
2. matter printed in such a manner.
3. Chiefly British . printed text or reading matter, as distinguished from illustrations.
4. by letterpress

Some days
I am tempted to stick pages
After pages in my French press
To see if it might work
As a letterpress too
And pour the perfect story juice

Thursday 27 September 2012



1. to knit with a reverse stitch.
2. to finish with loops or a looped edging.
3. a basic stitch in knitting, the reverse of the knit, formed by pulling a loop of the working yarn back through an existing stitch and then slipping that stitch off the needle.
4. one of a series of small loops along the edge of lace braid.
5. thread made of twisted gold or silver wire.

-verb (used without object)
1. to flow with curling or rippling motion, as a shallow stream does over stones.
2. to flow with a murmuring sound.
3. to pass in a manner or with a sound likened to this.
4. the action or sound of purling.
5. a circle or curl made by the motion of water; ripple; eddy.

Purled creature
Betentacled and aglitter
I love you so.

Necklace by Ula Kapala

Wednesday 26 September 2012



1. a small hexagonal musical instrument of the reed organ family in which metallic reeds are vibrated by air from a set of bellows operated by the player's hands. Notes are produced by pressing buttons
2. (intr.) to collapse or fold up like a concertina

Under stress
My memory concertinas
Dying with an awful cry
A plaintive bellow

Tuesday 25 September 2012



to divine, especially by crystal gazing

His type of scrying
Was to decipher
The scrolls of arcane locks
And the turn of screws
He often remained trapped
So nobody believed in his art.

Monday 24 September 2012



to such an extent (usually followed by “as”)

This could be a sign
Insofar as beliefs go
Or an aesthetic choice

Sunday 23 September 2012



- noun
1. the fatty portion of milk, separating as a soft whitish or yellowish solid when milk or cream is agitated or churned.
2. this substance, processed for cooking and table use.
3. any of various other soft spreads for bread.
4. any of various substances of butter-like consistency, as various metallic chlorides, and certain vegetable oils solid at ordinary temperatures.
- verb (used with object)
5. to put butter on or in; spread or grease with butter.
6. to apply a liquefied bonding material to (a piece or area), as mortar to a course of bricks.
7. Metalworking . to cover (edges to be welded together) with a preliminary surface of the weld metal.
8. to flatter

Luscious butter
Angel and devil in turn
Depending on the speaker