Friday 31 January 2014



1.  a firework, usually having a tube filled with gunpowder, that burns with a hissing noise and culminates in a small explosion
2.  a firework that does not explode because of a fault; dud
3.  a short witty attack; lampoon
4.  an electric device for firing a rocket engine
5.  obsolete  an insignificant person
6.  slang  (Austral., NZ) . a coward
7.  (intr.) to sound, move, or explode like a squib
8.  (intr.) to let off or shoot a squib
9.  to write a squib against (someone)
10.  (intr.) to move in a quick irregular fashion
11.  slang (Austral.) (intr) to behave in a cowardly fashion

They call for change
Graphic squibs soon washed away
Photographers’ prey.

Thursday 30 January 2014



1. sullen, sulky, or gloomy
2. temperamental or changeable

In a fit of tears
Over moody break up
Wet feet

Wednesday 29 January 2014


(also spelled: stymy)

-verb (trans.; often passive)
1. to hinder or thwart
2. (golf) to impede with a stymie
3. (golf) (formerly) a situation on the green in which an opponent's ball is blocking the line between the hole and the ball about to be played; an obstructing ball may now be lifted and replaced by a marker
4. a situation of obstruction

Often I tried to pass this way
Only to be stymied by the angel’s stare
A Cherub it isn’t quite despite looks
Death in a benign mask