Monday 30 November 2015



1. the body of an abandoned vessel
2. (derogatory) . a large or unwieldy vessel
3. (derogatory) . a large ungainly person or thing
4. (often plural) . the frame or hull of a ship, used as a storehouse, etc., or (especially in 19th-century Britain) as a prison
5. (intr.) (British, informal) . to move clumsily
6. (intr.)(often followed by “up”) . to rise massively

In the dry dock
Morose hulks

Stare at visitors

Sunday 29 November 2015



1. any of various web-footed long-necked birds of the family Anatidae: order Anseriformes. Typically larger animal than ducks and are gregarious and migratory.
2. the female of such a bird, as opposed to the male (gander)
3. (informal) . a silly person
4. When plural “gooses” . a pressing iron with a long curving handle, used especially by tailors
5. the flesh of the goose, used as food

1. (trans.) to prod (a person) playfully in the behind

Goose liver and rhubarb
Such tragic delicacy

Saturday 28 November 2015



(especially of a man) displaying smoothness and sophistication in manner or attitude; urbane

He coughs,
My suave master:


Friday 27 November 2015



1. the condition or quality of being resonant (i.e. resounding or re-echoing)
2. sound produced by a body vibrating in sympathy with a neighbouring source of sound
3. the condition of a body or system when it is subjected to a periodic disturbance of the same frequency as the natural frequency of the body or system. At this frequency the system displays an enhanced oscillation or vibration
amplification of speech sounds by sympathetic vibration in the bone structure of the head and chest, resounding in the cavities of the nose, mouth, and pharynx
4. (electronics) . the condition of an electrical circuit when the frequency is such that the capacitive and inductive reactances are equal in magnitude. In a series circuit there is then maximum alternating current whilst in a parallel circuit there is minimum alternating current
5. (medicine) . the sound heard when percussing a hollow bodily structure, especially the chest or abdomen. Change in the quality of the sound often indicates an underlying disease or disorder
6. (chemistry) . the phenomenon in which the electronic structure of a molecule can be represented by two or more hypothetical structures involving single, double, and triple chemical bonds. The true structure is considered to be an average of these theoretical structures
7. (physics)
a. the condition of a system in which there is a sharp maximum probability for the absorption of electromagnetic radiation or capture of particles
b. a type of elementary particle of extremely short lifetime. Resonances are regarded as excited states of more stable particles
c. a highly transient atomic state formed during a collision process

Grief dull in my veins
A resonance haunting

Heart percussions

Thursday 26 November 2015



1. a pointed instrument for engraving, drawing, or writing
2. a tool used in ancient times for writing on wax tablets, which was pointed at one end and blunt at the other for erasing mistakes
3. a device attached to the cartridge in the pick-up arm of a record player that rests in the groove in the record, transmitting the vibrations to the sensing device in the cartridge.

No stylus ever
Engraved those wings

Grisaille chimeras

Wednesday 25 November 2015



1. an accidental noise picked up on a microphone while broadcasting
2. (intr.) to make an accidental noise while broadcasting

Abstract dirt
Visual quonk
Of time gone by

Tuesday 24 November 2015



1. violent or confused movement; agitation; tumult
2. (archaic) to make or become turbulent

In times of turmoil
Love will see us through

Violence must never prevail

Monday 23 November 2015



(ecology) of, relating to, or growing in dry conditions

Such a lovely refreshing salad
Who would have guessed

That arugola was a xeric plant

Sunday 22 November 2015

Blue cheese


cheese containing a blue mould, like Stilton, Roquefort, or Gorgonzola. 

Roses are red
Cheeses are blue
Even when they’re orange

If that confuses you

Saturday 21 November 2015



1. a female rogue or adventurer
2. (literature) the main female character in a picaresque novel

She stands at the window
A shy picara looking for luck
Inquiring about food

And a chance of cuddles

Friday 20 November 2015



(literary) cheery; merry

A fallen pirouetter
Arching over

Blithesome still

Thursday 19 November 2015



1. a matted tangle, especially of hair, wool, etc.
2. a napped fabric, usually a rough wool
3. shredded coarse tobacco
4. (trans.) to make shaggy

1. a cormorant, especially the green cormorant (Phalacrocorax aristotelis)

1. (British slang) . to have sexual intercourse with (a person)
2. (trans.) (British slang) (often followed by “out”; usually passive) . to exhaust; tire
3. (British slang) . an act of sexual intercourse

A shag of clouds
Refusing to move

Sun’s comb gives up

Wednesday 18 November 2015



1. (meteorology)
a. reduced visibility in the air as a result of condensed water vapour, dust, etc., in the atmosphere
b. the moisture or dust causing this
2. obscurity of perception, feeling, etc.
3. when intr., often followed by “over” . to make or become hazy

-verb (trans.)
1. (nautical) to harass with humiliating tasks
2. (mainly US & and Canadian) to subject (fellow students) to ridicule or abuse

Hazy minds
Lost children

Debris everywhere

Tuesday 17 November 2015



(trans.) to ask (someone) earnestly (to do something or for something); beg

Certain blooms
Beseech and pimp

Eager for a shot

Monday 16 November 2015



(archaic, poetic). a troop of horsemen

Lone rider
Escaped from the turm
Turned to stone

By anger and sun

Sunday 15 November 2015



1. a rich tart (baked or not) with a biscuit base, filled with a mixture of cream cheese, cream, sugar, sometimes having a fruit, nut, or chocolate topping. Savoury versions are sometimes produced
2. (slang) women displayed for their sex appeal, as in photographs in magazines, newspapers, or films

Debate is open
As to whether this qualifies
As cheesecake or not
He says not white
I say cheese based

We both eat it

Saturday 14 November 2015



something, especially a ghost, that returns

Youth mischief forgotten
Mischief [youth forgotten]

Friday 13 November 2015



suggestive of a funeral; gloomy or mournful

Flocculent clouds
Looming in a funereal guise

Shagged dog pelt

Thursday 12 November 2015



1. agreeing; corresponding; congruous
2. having identical shapes so that all parts correspond
3. of or concerning two integers related by a congruence

A congruent building
Out of scale from everything
But for the dreams

Of a megalomaniac

Wednesday 11 November 2015



1. an extended work in prose, either fictitious or partly so, dealing with character, action, thought, etc., especially in the form of a story
2. (usually plural) (obsolete) . a short story or novella, as one of those in the “Decameron” of Boccaccio

1. of a kind not seen before; fresh; new; original

1. (Roman law) . a new decree or an amendment to an existing statute

A novel in marble
Haunting de Chirico’s dreams

With broken statues

Tuesday 10 November 2015



1. to bring (something) into existence; yield
2. to bring forth (a product) by mental or physical effort; make
3. (trans.) to give birth to
4. (trans.) to manufacture (a commodity)
5. (trans.) to give rise to
6. (trans.) to present to view
7. to bring before the public
8. to conceive and create the overall sound of (a record) and supervise its arrangement, recording, and mixing
9. (trans.) (geometry) to extend (a line)
10. anything that is produced; product
11. agricultural products regarded collectively

Crossing over some applications

Crossing some over applications

Monday 9 November 2015



1. a temporary state of mind or temper
2. a sullen or gloomy state of mind, especially when temporary
3. a prevailing atmosphere or feeling

1. (grammar) . a category of the verb or verbal inflections that expresses semantic and grammatical differences, including such forms as the indicative, subjunctive, and imperative
2. (logic) . one of the possible arrangements of the syllogism, classified solely by whether the component propositions are universal or particular and affirmative or negative

Uncertain weather semantics
Playing on my mood

The swimming of cormorants

Sunday 8 November 2015



1. a narrow beam of light; gleam
2. a slight indication, especially of something anticipated or hoped for
3. (mathematics) a straight line extending from a point
4. a thin beam of electromagnetic radiation or particles
5. any of the bony or cartilaginous spines of the fin of a fish that form the support for the soft part of the fin
6. any of the arms or branches of a starfish or other radiate animal
7. (astronomy) any of a number of bright streaks that radiate from the youngest lunar craters, such as Tycho; they are composed of crater ejecta not yet darkened, and extend considerable distances
8. (botany) any strand of tissue that runs radially through the vascular tissue of some higher plants.
9. (of an object) to emit (light) in rays or (of light) to issue in the form of rays
10. (intr.) (of lines, etc.) to extend in rays or on radiating paths
11. (trans.) to adorn (an ornament, etc.) with rays or radiating lines

1. any of various marine selachian fishes typically having a flattened body, greatly enlarged wing-like pectoral fins, gills on the under surface of the fins, and a long whip-like tail. They constitute the orders Torpediniformes (electric rays) and Rajiformes

A most comforting dish
Of ray on buttery champs

Brings a ray of light to Dublin

Saturday 7 November 2015



1. a person thought to be possessed by an evil spirit
2. a fanatic or zealot

Some sort of energumen
You are, human, with this camera

And a definite bore

Friday 6 November 2015



1. to scatter; distribute over a wide area
2. to dissipate or cause to dissipate
3. to leave or cause to leave a gathering, often in a random manner
4. to separate or be separated by dispersion
5. (trans.) to diffuse or spread (news, information, etc.)
6. to separate (particles) throughout a solid, liquid, or gas, as in the formation of a suspension or colloid
7. of or consisting of the particles in a colloid or suspension 

From a dispersed tribe
Gone to ground in Rome

Not lost to an opportunity

Thursday 5 November 2015


[ˈpætənt]  or  [ˈpeɪtənt]

1. a government grant to an inventor assuring him the sole right to make, use, and sell his invention for a limited period
2. a document conveying such a grant
3. an invention, privilege, etc., protected by a patent
4. an official document granting a right
5. any right granted by such a document
6 (in the US)
a.  a grant by the government of title to public lands
b.   the instrument by which such title is granted
c.   the land so granted
7. a sign that one possesses a certain quality
8. open or available for inspection
9. [ˈpeɪtənt] obvious 
10. concerning protection, appointment, etc., of or by a patent or patents
11. proprietary
12. (especially of a bodily passage or duct) being open or unobstructed
13. (biology) spreading out widely
14. (of plate glass) ground and polished on both sides
-verb (trans.)
15. to obtain a patent for
16. (in the US) to grant (public land or mineral rights) by a patent
17. (metallurgy) . to heat (a metal) above a transformation temperature and cool it at a rate that allows cold working

Shooting against the light

In a patent effort to be novel

Wednesday 4 November 2015



1. of, relating to, or belonging to the Galliformes, an order of birds, including domestic fowl, pheasants, grouse, etc., having a heavy rounded body, short bill, and strong legs
2. of, relating to, or resembling the domestic fowl

Etruscan monsters
Looking at you from history
Trying to break the veil

Gallinaceous nightmares

Tuesday 3 November 2015



(English history) . a travelling market trader, merchant or similar traveller

He used to be a piepowder
Sleeping rough in ditches
Now he’s settled for city’s limelight

And a hard concrete slab

Monday 2 November 2015



of or relating to biological processes that occur regularly at about 24-hour intervals, even in the absence of periodicity in the environment .

Building a schedule
Around and for
Circadian demands

Sunday 1 November 2015



1. any gadoid food fish of the genus Merluccius, such as M. merluccius (European hake), of the northern hemisphere, having an elongated body with a large head and two dorsal fins
2. any North American fish of the genus Urophycis, similar and related to Merluccius species
3. (Australian) another name for barracouta

1. a wooden frame for drying cheese or fish

Pan seared hake
Creamy and crunchy
Flower risotto

With marine insects