Wednesday 30 September 2015



full of woods or groves, wooded, woody

The perfect time
For amorous nemorous

Meandering wanderings

Tuesday 29 September 2015



1. (rare) the process or state of producing leaves
2. a less common name for foliage

Just a touch of gold
And red from autumn
Turning frondescences

Into carnival costumes

Monday 28 September 2015



(of plants) not able to tolerate wet conditions

Hidden in the car
An ombrophobous flower
I wait for better times

To go shopping

Sunday 27 September 2015



a Korean dish made from fermented cabbage or other raw vegetables, garlic, and chillies

Quick taste adventure
In a pretty bowl
Kimchi at the Expo

Saturday 26 September 2015



1. clearly visible; obvious or showy
2. attracting attention because of a striking quality or feature

Making internet cry:
A conspicuous cancer

Eating poor Felix’s nose

Friday 25 September 2015



(formal, obsolete) defining

In a sea of dioristic architecture
I wonder about the prickly dome

Of the United Kingdom pavilion

Thursday 24 September 2015



(intr.) (of the skin) . to wrinkle or fold

Shadows running across a wall
Flaking paint lirking, lurking
Old man summer’s last dregs 

Wednesday 23 September 2015



(formal) involving or relating to the revision of a literary text

Layers of paint
And weathering

Diorthotic treatment

Tuesday 22 September 2015



1. (of an organ or part) enlarged or swollen
2. bulging or protuberant
3. pompous or fulsome in style

A walk into autumn

Tumid discoveries

Monday 21 September 2015



1. (intr.) to find fault continually
2. (intr.) to be preoccupied with details; fuss
3. (trans.) to irritate; worry
4. a slight or trivial objection or complaint
5. a slight feeling as of misgiving, uncertainty, etc.

Red sky in the morning
That obstinate niggle

Where is the umbrella?

Sunday 20 September 2015



a variety of small very dark sour cherry, Prunus cerasus austera

Brownies and almond milk
Morello emulsion and pieces
Cream and chocolate chips

Deconstructed Black Forest

Saturday 19 September 2015



1. (intr.). to walk in a pompous manner; swagger
2. (trans.). to support or provide with struts
3. a structural member used mainly in compression, especially as part of a framework
4. an affected, proud, or stiff walk

Laying there
Over history
All strut spent

Nap time

Friday 18 September 2015



1. (trans.) to cut unevenly; make jagged
2. (Australian) to catch (fish) by impaling them on an un-baited hook
-noun, -verb
3. (Scottish) an informal word for “jab” (a sharp poke or stab or – informal - injection)
4. a jagged notch or projection

-noun (slang)
1. intoxication from drugs or alcohol
2. a bout of drinking or drug taking
3. a period of uncontrolled activity

Jagged surface
Fingers playing with wind

Roof music

Thursday 17 September 2015



1. (often plural) a person, organization, etc., that supplies food and provisions
2. a person who spreads, repeats, or sells (information, lies, etc.)
3. a person or thing that habitually provides or supplies a particular thing or quality
4. (history) an officer providing or exacting provisions, lodging, etc., for a sovereign

Off we went to the Expo
Purveyor of many splendid sites
Not entirely challenging food

And interminable long queues

Wednesday 16 September 2015



-verb (trans.)
1. to clear from guilt, accusation, blame, etc., as by evidence or argument
2. to provide justification for 
3. to uphold, maintain, or defend (a cause, etc.)
4. (Roman law) to bring an action to regain possession of (property) under claim of legal title
5. (rare) to claim, as for oneself or another
6. (obsolete) to take revenge on or for; punish
7. (obsolete) to set free

In such vivid disarray
I was held captive
Hues and folds vindicate me

Sheets tattooed on my cheek

Tuesday 15 September 2015



denoting or relating to a school of philosophy founded in Elea in Greece in the 6th century BC by Xenophanes, Parmenides, and Zeno. It held that one pure immutable Being is the only object of knowledge and that information obtained by the senses is illusory

A book is knowledge
And alive with meanings
Scrumptious contradictions
Life outside the pages
Pure illusion:

Eleatic flight

Monday 14 September 2015



(literary) lustrous; brilliant

A little fractal
A little light
Cymophanous variations

Turning to the abstract

Sunday 13 September 2015



(Scottish or obsolete)
1. an act of pressing or squashing that expresses liquid
2. (trans.) to press or squash out
3. (intr.) to come forth in the way liquid does when expressed from something by pressing or squashing

Old marbles
To chirt curds

Memory cheese

Saturday 12 September 2015



rashness or boldness

She comes near
In a brief moment
A spell of temerity
Lets me pet her then flees

All curiosity satisfied

Friday 11 September 2015



a drinker; tippler

His dirty feet
Single him out
As a drifter
His breath
As a bibber
His smile

As a happy man

Thursday 10 September 2015



of, pertaining to, or resembling pigeons

Don’t look now!
There is peristeronic inquisition

Happening in the background

Wednesday 9 September 2015



-verb (trans.)
1. to draw, engrave, or paint using dots or flecks
2. to apply paint, powder, etc., to (something) with many light dabs
3. to give (wet paint, cement, etc.) a granular effect
4. the technique of stippling or a picture produced by or using stippling

Making frescoes
A gentle soot stipple
Revealing the figure

Later painted over

Tuesday 8 September 2015



1. to make or utter with a bubbling sound; gurgle
2. (intr.; often followed by “away” or “on”) . to talk quickly and excitedly
3. (intr.) (of the airflow around a body) to become turbulent
4. a bubbling or gurgling sound
5. a flow of excited speech
6. turbulence in the airflow around a body

Which astral body
Caused such burble?

Has a surfer been by?

Monday 7 September 2015



1. a belief, principle, or practice which is commonly adhered to but which is thought by some people to be inappropriate or out of date
2. a custom, phrase, or use of language that acts as a test of belonging to, or as a stumbling block to becoming a member of, a particular social class, profession, etc.

Found in the trash
Discarded shibboleth
Fossilizing cocoon

The butterfly has grown

Sunday 6 September 2015



1. having an acrid smell or sharp bitter flavour
2. (of wit, satire, etc.) . biting; caustic
3. (biology) . ending in a sharp point 

Pungent bouquet
A mess of herbs

The cat sneezes

Saturday 5 September 2015



easily taken in or tricked

We call him in for supper
But not being so gullible

He knows medicine is coming

Friday 4 September 2015



1. a wise or trusted adviser or guide
2. to act as a mentor to (someone); train

Getting lost
Without a mentor
Someone tied me up
To this blind wall
And now I see
I see everything

Through its very cracks

Thursday 3 September 2015



(trans.) to use (serviceable parts from a machine or vehicle) to repair another

Junk and bric à brac
A mess of refuses
Cannibalized and rearranged
Into makeshift art
Or unstable order

Wednesday 2 September 2015



1. any procedure or action that solves a problem, simplifies a task, reduces frustration, etc., in one's everyday life
2. to live one's life in a way such as to simplify tasks and minimize problems

A toy car
Pure lifehack
For police enforcement
In narrow streets

Tuesday 1 September 2015



a jewel on a chain, worn on the forehead

A simple head ornament
Stopping short of a ferronière
To leave the forehead vast and free
In a time where men
Didn’t think this was a threat

Of intelligence in women