Thursday 31 January 2013



light frivolous conversation, style, or treatment; friendly teasing

There had been a lot
Too much persiflage really
And she remained behind
Unsure of her fortune
And a future with wet feet

Wednesday 30 January 2013



1. (originally) a mounted infantryman armed with a carbine
2. (sometimes capital) a domestic fancy pigeon
a. a type of cavalryman
b. ( pl; cap when part of a name ): the Royal Dragoons
4. to coerce; force
5. to persecute by military force

He tried to dragoon her
Into the other world
But she was busy blogging
Her own death to the world
And had no time for him

Tuesday 29 January 2013



1. periwinkle . any of various edible marine gastropods of the genus Littorina,  especially L. littorea, having a spirally coiled shell
2. informal . (chiefly Brit ) (trans.; usually followed by “out”, “out of”, etc.) to extract or prise out

He looked surprised
That I should try
And try to winkle out
Secrets from him
So shamelessly.

He would not reply
So I remained here
Questions unanswered
I really could have been
Talking to a wall.