Thursday 31 March 2016



1. anything that binds or fastens
2. the covering within which the pages of a book are bound
3. the material or tape used for binding hems, etc.
4. imposing an obligation or duty
5. causing hindrance; restrictive

Many stories in the binding

Of stories, bound in leather

Wednesday 30 March 2016



1. unaffected or unchanged by time; ageless
2. eternal
3. an archaic word for untimely

Cobbled street
And rain


Tuesday 29 March 2016



1. at a point or in a region intermediate to two other points in space, times, degrees, etc.
2. in combination; together 
3. confined or restricted to
4. indicating a reciprocal relation or comparison
5. indicating two or more alternatives
6. between one specified thing and another

I forget
One place
And another
I lose touch

And ground

Monday 28 March 2016



1. waves breaking on the shore or on a reef
2. foam caused by the breaking of waves
3. (intr.) to take part in surfing
4. (computing) (on the internet) to move freely from website to website
5. to move freely between (TV channels or radio stations)
6. (informal) to be carried on top of something 

The day is cool
The local penguins
Take this opportunity
To go surfing

Sunday 27 March 2016



1. resembling or having the properties of oil
2. containing or producing oil
3. overly complimentary; obsequious

How we delight in animal oleaginous substances
That melt over a warm piece of bread

Saturday 26 March 2016



1. when intr., followed by “for” . to make a request, application, or entreaty to (a person for business, support, etc)
2. to accost (a person) with an offer of sexual relations in return for money
3. to provoke or incite (a person) to do something wrong or illegal

A professional
Knows best
How to solicit

A good response

Friday 25 March 2016



1. when intr., sometimes followed by ‘on” . to be very economical or sparing in the use (of)
2. (trans.) to treat meanly
3. (trans.) to cut too small
4. a less common word for scant

Excessive scrimping

Life is short

Thursday 24 March 2016



1. (intr.) (of birds, aircraft, etc.) to move through the air in a controlled manner using aerodynamic forces
2. to travel over (an area of land or sea) in an aircraft
3. to operate (an aircraft or spacecraft)
4. to float, flutter, or be displayed in the air or cause to float, etc., in this way 
5. to transport or be transported by or through the air by aircraft, wind, etc.
6. (intr.) to move or be moved very quickly, forcibly, or suddenly
7. (intr.) to pass swiftly
8. to escape from (an enemy, place, etc.); flee 
9. (intr.; may be followed by “at” or “upon”) to attack a person
10. (intr.) to have a sudden outburst    he flew into a rage again
11. (intr.) (of money, etc.) to vanish rapidly
12. (trans.) (falconry) (of hawks) to fly at (quarry) in attack.
13. (trans.) (theatre) to suspend (scenery) above the stage so that it may be lowered into view
14. (often plural) a closure that conceals a zip, buttons, or other fastening, by having one side overlapping, as on trousers
15. Also called: flysheet
a) a flap forming the entrance to a tent
b) a piece of canvas drawn over the ridgepole of a tent to form an outer roof
16. a small air brake used to control the chiming of large clocks
17. the horizontal weighted arm of a fly press
18. the outer edge of a flag
19. the distance from the outer edge of a flag to the staff
20. (British) a light one-horse covered carriage formerly let out on hire
21. (Australian & New Zealand) an attempt
22. (printing)
a) a device for transferring printed sheets from the press to a flat pile
b) Also called: flyhand . a person who collects and stacks printed matter from a printing press
c) a piece of paper folded once to make four pages, with printing only on the first page
23. (plural) (theatre) the space above the stage out of view of the audience, used for storing scenery, etc
24. (rare) the act of flying

1. any dipterous insect, especially the housefly, characterized by active flight 
2. any of various similar but unrelated insects, such as the caddis fly, firefly, dragonfly, and chalcid fly
3. (angling) a lure made from a fish-hook dressed with feathers, tinsel, etc., to resemble any of various flies or nymphs: used in fly-fishing
4. (in southern Africa) an area that is infested with the tsetse fly

1. (mainly British) knowing and sharp; smart
2. (mainly Scottish) furtive or sneaky

Fishing from a wall

A fly mural

Wednesday 23 March 2016



1. without flaw or error; faultless
2. (rare) incapable of sinning

Spring has wrought
An impeccable noose
On winter’s neck

In its flowering climbers 

Tuesday 22 March 2016



1. a short stout stick used as a weapon
2. (trans.) to strike with a cudgel or similar weapon

We blunder
In darkness
Just the sound of a cudgel
Against the wall to guide us
Then nothing

Nowhere to run

Monday 21 March 2016



(trans.) to be in awe of and respect deeply; venerate

She departed early
Revering strange gods
That would carry her away
To the serene islands

Of life after death

Sunday 20 March 2016



(in Jewish cookery) a fried potato pancake

Some sort of latke
Rolled-up and filled

Ready for anything

Saturday 19 March 2016



-verb (trans.)
1. to direct or oversee the performance or operation of
2. to watch over so as to maintain order, etc.

Supervising the tourist crowds
Looking for victims, volunteers

In the cuddle provision area

Friday 18 March 2016



(fashion) a small, handle-less bag usually carried by a woman as an accessory for formal wear

My evenings and travels
Require no minaudiere
But sturdy ample bags
That break my spine
Like a much loved book

Thursday 17 March 2016



1. a formal discussion, as in a legislative body, in which opposing arguments are put forward
2. discussion or dispute
3. the formal presentation and opposition of a specific motion, followed by a vote
4. to discuss (a motion), especially in a formal assembly
5. to deliberate upon (something)

Sealed in marble
A faceless debate
About who pays the bill

For the double funeral

Wednesday 16 March 2016



-verb (trans.)
1. to consecrate (someone) as a priest; confer holy orders upon
2. (may take a clause as object) . to decree, appoint, or predestine irrevocably
3. (may take a clause as object) . to order, establish, or enact with authority
4. (obsolete) to select for an office

Ordained by law
Or love

Unconquered beast

Tuesday 15 March 2016



1. the first public appearance of an actor, musician, etc., or the first public presentation of a show
2. the presentation of a debutante
-verb (intr.)
3. to make a debut

In such green slush
Spring makes its debut
Petals soon forgotten

To the winds and rain

Monday 14 March 2016



1. a violent involuntary contraction of a muscle or muscles
2. a violent upheaval, disturbance, or agitation, especially a social one
3. (usually plural) (informal) uncontrollable laughter   

Ecstasy or

Or pain?

Sunday 13 March 2016



to eat (food) greedily and voraciously
a love of and taste for good food . Also: gourmandise

It is not a lack of choices
But rather an abundance of gormandize
That pushes me to bring
My own food to work

Saturday 12 March 2016



(slang) socially inept or unfashionable in a charming or endearing way

She issues an invitation
On the border of solicitation

Yet utterly adorkable

Friday 11 March 2016



1. a hole, gap, crack, slit, or other opening
2. (physics)
a. a usually circular and often variable opening in an optical instrument or device that controls the quantity of radiation entering or leaving it
b. the diameter of such an opening 

Steal a glimpse
Of a forbidden courtyard
Through a momentary aperture


Thursday 10 March 2016



the abnormal loss of eyebrows or eyelashes

The selfie shows
Him fearing
But that’s mere


Wednesday 9 March 2016



a man who is excessively concerned with fashion and elegance

Lost in this galaxy
An alien fop cries lead tears
Finding the fashion deleterious

And gravity a bitch

Tuesday 8 March 2016



-plural noun
any non-monetary object of interest to numismatists, such as medals, tokens, etc.

Green with age
Coins indiscernible from exonumia
A treasure cauldron
Where the soup of time

Has gone bad 

Monday 7 March 2016



1. to mingle (objects, papers, etc.) in a state of disorder
2. (trans.; usually passive) to remember in a confused form; muddle
3. a disordered mass, state, etc.
4. (British) articles donated for a jumble sale
5. Also called: jumbal . a small thin cake, usually ring-shaped

At the back of it all
In the jumble of relicts

A shocked lion scared of mice

Sunday 6 March 2016



1. Also called: oyster plant, vegetable oyster a Mediterranean plant, Tragopogon porrifolius,having grasslike leaves, purple flower heads, and a long white edible taproot: family Asteraceae (composites)
2. the root of this plant, which tastes of oysters and is eaten as a vegetable

Pure poetry in the dish
Salsify tagliatelle

Hare ragout à la royale

Saturday 5 March 2016



1. outstanding or superior skill or ability
2. bravery or fearlessness, especially in battle

One story is good, till another is told.
All as you say, I only know this:
I have taken with the forest;
Besides, you are not swift as the wind

At the altars in the neighbourhood
You will eat the dead and not the living.
And each other in strength and prowess
Unwittingly dashed against the signboard.

The tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny.
If words suffice not, blows must follow.

Fable Salad is a found poem picked from:

Aesop's Fables - Translated by George Fyler Townsen -. Amazon Digital Services, Inc..

Friday 4 March 2016



1. (trans.) to view or consider in a comprehensive or general way
2. (trans.) to examine carefully, as or as if to appraise value
3. to plot a detailed map of (an area of land) by measuring or calculating distances and height
4. (British) to inspect (a building) to determine its condition and value
5. to examine (a vessel) thoroughly in order to determine its seaworthiness
6. (trans.) to run a statistical survey on (incomes, opinions, etc.)
7. a comprehensive or general view
8. a critical, detailed, and formal inspection
9. (British) an inspection of a building to determine its condition and value
10. a report incorporating the results of such an inspection
11. a body of surveyors
12. an area surveyed
13. (statistics) . a random sample

Looking over a fence
For a quick survey of works
Assessing the effort and time

Needed before opening

Thursday 3 March 2016



1. (trans.) to entice or tempt (someone) to a person or place or to a course of action; attract
2. attractiveness; appeal 

A flutter of wings
Marble allure up the wall
Attracting the eye

Wednesday 2 March 2016



1. something incidental or not essential that is added to something else
2. a person who is subordinate to another
3. (grammar)
a. part of a sentence other than the subject or the predicate
b. (in systemic grammar) part of a sentence other than the subject, predicator, object, or complement; usually a prepositional or adverbial group
c. part of a sentence that may be omitted without making the sentence ungrammatical; a modifier
4. (logic) a nonessential attribute or characteristic of something (as opposed to substance)
5. added or connected in a secondary or subordinate position; auxiliary

Seeping water brought
Moss adjuncts to the wall

Impromptu colours 

Tuesday 1 March 2016



(rhetoric) a construction that involves the change from one grammatical sequence to another within a single sentence; an example of anacoluthia

As every second withers and dies
Never to be repeated, seldom recorded
Yet another end to the world as we know it

An anacoluthon in every breath.