Friday 31 May 2013



1. a short-lived current fashion
2. a wild or exaggerated enthusiasm
3. mental disturbance; insanity
1. to make or become mad
2. (ceramics, metallurgy) to develop or cause to develop a fine network of cracks
3. (trans.) (British, archaic or dialect) to break
4. (trans.) (archaic) to weaken

Typography lovers
For Prague must all craze

Thursday 30 May 2013



a person who performs balancing feats, especially on a high wire

The issue at hand is
Who was the equilibrist
Rather than how or why
This is all that remains

Wednesday 29 May 2013



(rhetoric) a description of a visual work of art

We could go on here
Into a windy ekphrasis
But what is truly needed
Is a tale, some epic fable