Tuesday 4 September 2018



1. (music) . the final, sometimes inessential, part of a musical structure
2. a concluding part of a literary work

As a ten years period concludes
The works drag into a coda
And I am free once again
To let words go on their journey

My gratitude and thanks to the readers. 

Monday 3 September 2018



(intr.) (English dialect) . (of wind) to blow forcefully with a roaring sound

A wuthering end is coming
Mostly ignored by the public at large

Spreading crumbs into oblivion

Sunday 2 September 2018



a kitchen chopper shaped like a half-moon and having a handle at each end

The moon, a metal rifle and faint
Sharp mezzaluna sunk in its wooden sky
Burning the kitchen with green fire,
The acrid sense of martyred herbs

Saturday 1 September 2018



1. denoting a Japanese artistic and cultural style that emphasizes the quality of cuteness, using bright colours and characters with a childlike appearance
2. (in Japanese art and culture) the quality of being lovable or cute

Rain on the top of its brain
Like a ragged mouse-hole
Scruffy kawaii love
Hunted by the ghosts
Of lost cuddles
At the edge of a dream

Friday 31 August 2018



1. (botany) . (of an anther) the condition of being unable to produce pollen
2. (obsolete) . the act of decaying

He sits on a bench
Contemplating his contabescence
Forgetting who he is
And which colour were
His one love's eyes 

Thursday 30 August 2018



1. to make or become worse or lower in quality, value, character, etc.; depreciate
2. (intr.) to wear away or disintegrate

There we are
Standing around the mental parts of sight.
At the background of fate,
The fall of windows each marked by some old sky
Deteriorating as a flame leaves
Each street sunk and gritty around the edges

Of a common storm 

Wednesday 29 August 2018



1. the time yet to come
2. undetermined events that will occur in that time
3. the condition of a person or thing at a later date
4. likelihood of later improvement or advancement
5. (grammar)
a. a tense of verbs used when the action or event described is to occur after the time of utterance
b. a verb in this tense
6. that is yet to come or be
7. of or expressing time yet to come
8. (prenominal) destined to become
9. (grammar) . in or denoting the future as a tense of verbs

Three dots floating
Over water, future
Uncertain and questions

Open or unasked

Tuesday 28 August 2018



1. the amount of monetary or other returns, either earned or unearned, accruing over a given period of time
2. receipts; revenue
3. (rare) . an inflow or influx

Fishing for an income
In the rainy morning
Hoping for a hot drink

Monday 27 August 2018



1. the distinctive name of a work of art, musical, or literary composition, etc.
2. a descriptive name, caption, or heading of a section of a book, speech, etc.
3. a name or epithet signifying rank, office, or function
4. a formal designation, such as Mr, Mrs, or Miss
5. an appellation designating nobility
6. (cinema)
a.  short for subtitle
b. written material giving credits in a film or television programme
7. (sport) . a championship
8. (property law)
a. the legal right to possession of property in particular real property
b. the basis of such right
c. the documentary evidence of such right
9. (law)
a. the heading or a division of a statute, book of law, etc.
b. the heading of a suit or action at law
10. any customary or established right
11. a claim based on a customary or established right
12. a definite spiritual charge or office in the church, without appointment to which a candidate for holy orders cannot lawfully be ordained
13. (Roman Catholic Church) . a titular church
14. (trans.) to give a title to

The story ends
In a little while
Leaving titles standing
Awaiting decay

Sunday 26 August 2018



1. a knife with the blade pivoted to fold into a recess in the handle
2. a former name for a type of dive in which the diver bends at the waist in mid-air, with the legs straight and the hands touching the feet, finally straightening out and entering the water headfirst: forward pike dive
-verb (intr.)
3. (of an articulated lorry) to go out of control in such a way that the trailer swings round at an angle to the cab
4. to make a jackknife dive

Cutting through summer
Honey with a jackknife
Dreams staining its blade

Saturday 25 August 2018



1. nervous activity or agitation, in particular if disproportionate or unnecessary
2. complaint or objection
3. an exhibition of affection or admiration, especilaly if excessive
4. a quarrel; dispute
5. (intr.) to worry unnecessarily
6. (intr.) to be excessively concerned over trifles
7. (when intr., usually followed by “over”) to show great or excessive concern, affection, etc. (for)
8. (intr.; followed by “with”) (Jamaican) . to quarrel violently
9. (trans.) to bother (a person)

Refusing to be ignored
She demands a fuss
And will not be denied

Friday 24 August 2018



1. an ecclesiastical calendar of the months
2. (Eastern Churches) . a liturgical book containing the lives of the saints arranged by months

Seek the dreams
Of torn menology
Across the walls
Of urban fog

Street art by ExVotoFecit

Thursday 23 August 2018



-verb (intr.) (mainly US)
1. to retch or feel nausea
2. to feel or express disgust

another name for cow parsnip, cow parsley

White pages
Made her keck
And write quicker
To fill a void
In her mind

Wednesday 22 August 2018



1. the prescribed or established form of a religious or other ceremony
2. such prescribed forms in general or collectively
3. stereotyped activity or behaviour
4. (psychology) . any repetitive behaviour, such as hand-washing, performed by a person with a compulsive personality disorder
5. any formal act, institution, or procedure that is followed consistently
6. of, relating to, or characteristic of religious, social, or other rituals

A tribute
Ritual blood
Painted over walls
To curry favours

Tuesday 21 August 2018



(trans.) to praise lavishly; exalt

Extols night
As its best friend
And accomplice

Monday 20 August 2018



(intr.) to use vague or ambiguous language, in particular in order to avoid speaking directly or honestly; hedge

A rave party
In the clouds
A tomorrow
Of shadows

Sunday 19 August 2018



1. a tropical Asian moraceous tree, Artocarpus heterophyllus
2. the edible fruit of this tree, which resembles breadfruit and can weigh up to 27 kilograms

Mock viands
Carved from jackfruit
Vegetarian tremours 

Saturday 18 August 2018



1. scornful or insulting language or behaviour
2. a humiliating or scornful insult

My advances
Met with contumely
By strays

Friday 17 August 2018



1. the desirability of a thing, often in respect of some property such as usefulness or exchangeability; worth, merit, or importance
2. an amount, in particular material or monetary, considered to be a fair exchange in return for a thing; assigned valuation
3. reasonable or equivalent return; satisfaction
4. precise meaning or significance
5. (plural) . the moral principles and beliefs or accepted standards of a person or social group
6. (mathematics)
a. a particular magnitude, number, or amount
b. the particular quantity that is the result of applying a function or operation for some given argument
7. (music) .  short for time value
8. (in painting, drawing, etc.)
a. a gradation of tone from light to dark or of colour luminosity
b. the relation of one of these elements to another or to the whole picture
9. (phonetics) the quality or tone of the speech sound associated with a written character representing it
-verb (trans.)
10. to assess or estimate the worth, merit, or desirability of; appraise
11. to have a high regard for, in particular in respect of worth, usefulness, merit, etc.; esteem or prize
12. (followed by “at”) to fix the financial or material worth of (a unit of currency, work of art, etc.)

Morning light
Skewed values

Thursday 16 August 2018



1. looking towards the future
2. (prenominal) anticipated or likely

Slanted and skewed
A prospective

Distorted by glass 

Wednesday 15 August 2018



1. of, like, containing, or resembling a granule or granules
2. having a grainy or granulated surface

Grasping for a granular mirage
Of gritty reality, smudged make-up
Hoping to find crumbs of truth

Fading into darkness instead

Tuesday 14 August 2018



1. to be of use, advantage, profit, or assistance (to)
2. use or advantage

Flowers and décor
Demand avail
Of clever contraptions

Monday 13 August 2018



1. obstinate and wilful rebelliousness or resistance to authority; insubordination; disobedience
2. the wilful refusal of a person to appear before a court or to comply with a court order

Find the cutest
In kawaii street art

Sunday 12 August 2018



1. stiffly beaten egg whites mixed with sugar and baked, often as a topping for pies, cakes, etc.
2. a small cake or shell of this mixture, often filled with cream

From the usual
Meringue is flat
And trendy

Saturday 11 August 2018



1. a theatrical entertainment, mainly for children, which involves music, topical jokes, and slapstick comedy and is based on a fairy tale or nursery story, often produced around Christmas.
2. a dramatic entertainment, originating in Roman mime, in which performers express meaning through gestures accompanied by music.
3. express or represent by exaggerated mime.

The will to be cuddled
Wrapped in a pantomime
The belly trap is sprung

Friday 10 August 2018



1. a publisher's emblem on a book
2. (formerly) an inscription at the end of a book showing the title, printer, date, etc.

She chooses her
Place of rest
By colophon
Knowing there will
Be more room
For her dreams

Thursday 9 August 2018



an upward slope, in particular of the ground

A balloon
To fight gravity
And acclivity’s challenge
Aiming towards
The exit

Wednesday 8 August 2018



to adapt or become accustomed to a new climate or environment

The lion sun
Has acclamatized
To its new quarters
Melting the North

Tuesday 7 August 2018



of or relating to writing

A house
Of scriptory delights
Celebrates the raven wings
Of poetry

Monday 6 August 2018



(formal) the quality or state of being finite or limited

A white line on the road
Carries the illusion
Of shifting finitude
A field entering forms
Alongside depression

Sunday 5 August 2018



1. lacking spirit; boring
2. lacking taste; unpalatable

Red peppers
Fish belly and chorizo
Should have been anything

But insipid

Saturday 4 August 2018



1. absence of interest in or enthusiasm for things generally considered interesting or moving
2. absence of emotion

It’s too warm
For anything but apathy
Even in the face
Of a prospective fuss

Friday 3 August 2018



1. great brightness; radiance
2. excellence or distinction in physical or mental ability; exceptional talent
3. splendour; magnificence
4. (physics) .  a former term for luminance

Three dots
Granular brilliance
Marking a wish for holidays

And a lack of commitment

Thursday 2 August 2018



1. a sudden and violent expression of emotion
2. an explosion or eruption

She argues
In brief outbursts
Of expletives
Her right to be


Wednesday 1 August 2018



1. the theatrical technique of expressing an idea or mood or portraying a character entirely by gesture and bodily movement without the use of words
2. a performer specializing in such a technique
3. a dramatic presentation using such a technique
4. (in the classical theatre)
a. a comic performance depending for effect largely on exaggerated gesture and physical action
b. an actor in such a performance
5. to express (an idea) in actions or gestures without speech
6. (of singers or musicians) to perform as if singing (a song) or playing (a piece of music) that is actually pre-recorded

In the face of strangers
They mime their knowledge
Or resort to crude Latin

In an attempt at Esperanto

Tuesday 31 July 2018



1. enormously large; immense
2. of or relating to astronomy

How I long
For the astronomical feat
Of space travel and escape!
Is there anyone here?

Monday 30 July 2018



1. (intr.; followed by “for”) to make amends or reparation (for a crime, sin, etc.)
2. (trans.) to expiate
3. (obsolete) .to be in or bring into agreement

The long hours
Atone for the effort
Crawling across clouds
In a dream

Sunday 29 July 2018



1. a spiny trailing Mediterranean capparidaceous shrub, Capparis spinosa, with edible flower buds
2. any of various similar plants or their edible parts

1. a playful skip or leap
2. a high-spirited escapade
3. (slang) a crime, in particular an organized robbery
4. (Australian) (informal) . a job or occupation
5. (Australian) (informal) . a person's behaviour
6. (intr.) to leap or dance about in a light-hearted manner

How they caper
Trickling down the walls
Berries and flowers in bloom
And capers in-waiting
Basking in the sun

Saturday 28 July 2018



1. clearly visible; obvious or showy
2. attracting attention because of a striking quality or feature

She looms large now
Conspicuous by her absence
Cherished memories

Friday 27 July 2018



swelling out from the surrounding surface; bulging

Violent from an empty field
The throat of sky slit on a doorway
Protuberant with sleepy scatter
What are the stars doing?

Thursday 26 July 2018



1. not practical or workable
2. not given to practical matters or gifted with practical skills

coming from
the ridges of the book
the dark of fire
round and impractical
flowers in a vase
of nightmares and dark

Wednesday 25 July 2018



1. the state of being away
2. the time during which a person or thing is away
3. the fact of being without something; lack

The white flowers of absence
Blooming in my heart
Sharp and brittle
Ready to draw blood
Protuberant with sighs

Tuesday 24 July 2018


[ˈjæʃmæk  ]

a veil concealing all of the face except the eyes, worn by some Muslim women in public

Hers is a play
Theatre yashmak
For a pantomime
On stilts

Monday 23 July 2018


vəʊlənt  ]

1. (usually postpositive) (heraldry) . in a flying position
2. (rare) . flying or capable of flight
3. (poetic) . moving lightly or agilely; nimble

a volant black and white photo
fell white strand of the world
blind like a stone in the dark
all peace symbol ignored

Sunday 22 July 2018



an abnormally high production of saliva

Nothing like
A little dream
Of succulence
To indulge

In sialorrhoea

Saturday 21 July 2018



1. quick in movement; nimble
2. mentally quick or acute

Let us marvel
At the agile team
The nonchalance
And laziness

Friday 20 July 2018



-verb (intr.; often followed by “from”)
1. to come up to the surface of or rise from water or other liquid
2. to come into view, as from concealment or obscurity
3. (followed by “from”) to come out (of) or live (through a difficult experience)
4. to become apparent

Out of summer heat
A storm emerges
Heralded by a meringue
Of white clouds

Thursday 19 July 2018



1. agile, quick, and neat in movement
2. alert; acute

Only one

Wednesday 18 July 2018



1. (of a substance) capable of readily changing from a solid or liquid form to a vapour; having a high vapour pressure and a low boiling point
2. (of persons) disposed to caprice or inconstancy; fickle; mercurial
3. (of circumstances) liable to sudden, unpredictable, or explosive change
4. lasting only a short time
5. (computing) . (of a memory) not retaining stored information when the power supply is cut off
6. (obsolete) . flying or capable of flight; volant
7. a volatile substance
8. (rare) . a winged creature

Such a volatile creature
He could not keep still
Long enough for me
To press a button

Tuesday 17 July 2018



fit for selling or capable of being sold

See the reverse of problems
A statue to the traditional aspect of the life
Some large metal plane smoothly touched
By the deeply coloured shadows of dreams
A saleable depression in the dark
Hoping to make an impact.