Thursday 31 May 2012



1. weather vane , Also called: wind vane a flat plate or blade of metal mounted on a vertical axis in an exposed position to indicate wind direction
2. any one of the flat blades or sails forming part of the wheel of a windmill
3. any flat or shaped plate used to direct fluid flow, especially a stator blade in a turbine, etc
4. a fin or plate fitted to a projectile or missile to provide stabilization or guidance
5. ornithol the flat part of a feather, consisting of two rows of barbs on either side of the shaft
6. surveying
a. a sight on a quadrant or compass
b. the movable marker on a levelling staff

I followed
Eyes fixed on that elusive vane
Trying to guess my way
Into fortune’s tepid waves
Unable to see
My feet in the mire
Locking me into place

Wednesday 30 May 2012



1. at one time in the past; formerly.
2. a single time.
3. even a single time; at any time; ever.
4. by a single step, degree, or grade.
5. former; having at one time been.
6. if or when at any time; if ever.
7. whenever; as soon as.
8. a single occasion; one time only.

Once upon a time
I could follow your dreams
Track and hunt them
Shooting them down
Watch the flames streaming
Such a lovely show
I’ve hunted you to extinction
Now I have to build my own.

Tuesday 29 May 2012



1. occurring, coming, or being after the usual or proper time.
2. continued until after the usual time or hour; protracted.
3. near or at the end of day or well into the night.
4. belonging to the time just before the present moment; most recent.
5. immediately preceding the present one; former.
6. recently deceased.
7. occurring at an advanced stage in life.
8. belonging to an advanced period or stage in the history or development of something.
9. after the usual or proper time, or after delay.
10 until after the usual time or hour; until an advanced hour, especially of the night.
11 at or to an advanced time, period, or stage.
12 recently but no longer

Relic from a late era
Holding strong
Clenching fists
Waiting for its hour
To return to glory

Monday 28 May 2012



Originated or taught by Diophantus, the Greek writer on algebra

Working out the budget
An exercise in diophantine excess
My mind clouds over

Sunday 27 May 2012




1. a small annual leguminous plant, Lens culinaris,  of the Mediterranean region and W Asia, having edible brownish convex seeds
2. any of the seeds of this plant, which are cooked and eaten as a vegetable, in soups, etc.

Biblical dish
Lentils as symbol of riches
Plain soul food