Tuesday, 13 March 2012



1. Roman Catholic Church any of the members of the Sacred College, ranking next after the pope, who elect the pope and act as his chief counsellors
2. Also called: cardinal red a deep vivid red colour
3. Cardinal number
4. Cardinal grosbeak , also called: redbird . a crested North American bunting, Richmondena (or Pyrrhuloxia ) cardinalis, the male of which has a bright red plumage and the female a brown one
5. a fritillary butterfly, Pandoriana pandora, found in meadows of southern Europe
6. a woman's hooded shoulder cape worn in the 17th and 18th centuries
— adj
7. (usually prenominal) fundamentally important; principal.
8. of a deep vivid red colour
9. astrology . mutable

A gaggle of Dalis looks out
From the brightness of cardinal
Poking eyes out on the way

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