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-verb (used without object)
1. to move, act, or progress with speed, impetuosity, or violence.
2. to dash, especially to dash forward for an attack or onslaught.
3. to appear, go, pass, etc., rapidly or suddenly.
4. Football . to carry the ball on a running play or plays.
-verb (used with object)
5. to perform, accomplish, or finish with speed, impetuosity, or violence.
6. to carry or convey with haste.
7. to cause to move, act, or progress quickly; hurry.
8. to send, push, force, impel, etc., with unusual speed or haste.
9. to attack suddenly and violently; charge. overcome or capture (a person, place, etc.).
11.Informal . to heap attentions on; court intensively; woo. entertain (a prospective fraternity or sorority member) before making bids for membership.
13.Football (American).
a. to carry (the ball) forward across the line of scrimmage.
b. to carry the ball (a distance) forward from the line of scrimmage.
c. (of a defensive team member) to attempt to force a way quickly into the backfield in pursuit of (the back in possession of the ball).
14.the act of rushing; a rapid, impetuous, or violent onward movement.
15.a hostile attack. eager rushing of numbers of persons to some region that is being occupied or exploited, especially because of a new mine.
17.a sudden appearance or access.
18.hurried activity; busy haste.
19.a hurried state, as from pressure of affairs. of work, business, traffic, etc., requiring extraordinary effort or haste.
21.Football (American).
a. an attempt to carry or instance of carrying the ball across the line of scrimmage.
b. an act or instance of rushing the offensive back in possession of the ball.
22.a scrimmage held as a form of sport between classes or bodies of students in colleges.
23.rushes. Movies . a series of hastily printed shots from the previous day's shooting, selected by the director to be viewed for possible inclusion in the final version of the film.
24.Informal . a series of lavish attentions paid a woman by a suitor.
25.the rushing by a fraternity or sorority.
26.Also called flash. Slang . the initial, intensely pleasurable or exhilarated feeling experienced upon taking a narcotic or stimulant drug.
27.requiring or done in haste.
28.characterized by excessive business, a press of work or traffic, etc.

1. any grasslike plant of the genus Juncus, having pithy or hollow stems, found in wet or marshy places.
2. any plant of the rush family.
3. any of various similar plants.
4. a stem of such a plant, used for making chair bottoms, mats, baskets, etc.
5. something of little or no value; trifle.

We rush through rushes
Screaming like demons
A childhood perk.

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