Friday, 4 September 2009




1. any of the wild or cultivated, usually prickly-stemmed, pinnate-leaved, showy-flowered shrubs of the genus Rosa.
2. any of various related or similar plants.
3. the flower of any such shrub, of a red, pink, white, or yellow colour.
4. the traditional reddish colour of this flower, variously a purplish red, pinkish red, or light crimson.
5. an ornament shaped like or suggesting this flower.
6. a pink or pinkish-red colour in the cheek.
7. rose window.
8. Heraldry. a representation of a wild rose with five petals, usually seeded and barbed in a symmetrical design and used esp. as the cadency mark of a seventh son.
9. any of various diagrams showing directions radiating from a common centre, as a compass card or wind rose.
a. an obsolete gem style or cut, flat on the bottom and having an upper side with from 12, or fewer, to 32 triangular facets.
b. a gem with this cut.
11.a perforated cap or plate, as at the end of a pipe or the spout of a watering pot, to break a flow of water into a spray. ornamental plate or socket surrounding the shaft of a doorknob at the face of a door.
13.Mathematics. a plane polar curve consisting of three or more equal loops that meet at the origin. Equation: r = a sin(nθ) or r = a cos(nθ).
14.of the colour rose.
15.for, containing, or growing roses.
16.scented like a rose.
–verb (used with object) make rose-coloured. flush (the face, cheeks, etc.).

The artist threw in a rose
For weary winds
That might have strayed to far from home
Getting lost on the way.

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