Monday, 2 March 2009



1. the act of visiting.
2. a formal visit, as one permitted by a court's granting of visitation rights or by parents invited to a school to observe the work of students.
3. a visit for the purpose of making an official examination or inspection, as of a bishop to a diocese.
4. (usually initial capital letter) the visit of the Virgin Mary to her cousin Elizabeth. Luke 1:36–56.
5. (initial capital letter) a church festival, held on July 2, in commemoration of this visit.
6. the administration of comfort or aid, or of affliction or punishment.
7. an affliction or punishment, as from God.
8. the appearance or coming of a supernatural influence or spirit.

Have you seen him
Fleeting around the square
A cigar in mouth
Hands behind his back
Legs busy measuring space and time?
I can feel his shadow
Shaking its head in irony:
Why weep in a cold church
When the weather is so glorious outside?


martha said...

However he is - I agree.

spacedlaw said...

I skipped part of the service to go out and wander about with him. Cesare said that it would have been what Annibale would have done. And it was such a glorious day out.

Anonymous said...

do you write the lines on the pic on your won ?? they are too good all times !!

spacedlaw said...

I do!
Thanks, Pratibha.