Tuesday, 10 March 2009



1. a cucumber that has been preserved in brine, vinegar, or the like.
2. Often, pickles. any other vegetable, as cauliflower, celery, etc., preserved in vinegar and eaten as a relish.
3. something preserved in a brine or marinade.
4. a liquid usually prepared with salt or vinegar for preserving or flavouring fish, meat, vegetables, etc.; brine or marinade.
5. Metallurgy. an acid or other chemical solution in which metal objects are dipped to remove oxide scale or other adhering substances.
6. Informal. a troublesome or awkward situation; predicament.
7. Informal. a sour, disagreeable person.
–verb (used with object)
8. to preserve or steep in brine or other liquid.
9. to treat with a chemical solution, as for the purpose of cleaning.
10.to give a pale, streaked finish to (wood) by applying and partly removing paint or by bleaching, as to give an appearance of age.
11.Slang. to store; prepare for long-range storage

He thought she had the most beautiful eyes. Thus he had them pickled and put in a small jar so he could keep them on his person at all time.


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I love the concept!

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