Wednesday, 15 February 2017



1. to cause (the young of various animals, especially birds) to emerge from the egg or (of young birds, etc.) to emerge from the egg
2. to cause (eggs) to break and release the fully developed young or (of eggs) to break and release the young animal within
3. (trans.) to contrive or devise (a scheme, plot, etc.)
4. the act or process of hatching
5. a group of newly hatched animals

1. a covering for a hatchway
2. short for hatchway
3. a door in an aircraft or spacecraft
4. (informal) . short for hatchback
5. an opening in a wall between a kitchen and a dining area (also called: serving hatch)
6. the lower half of a divided door
7. a sluice or sliding gate in a dam, dyke, or weir

1. art to mark (a figure, shade, etc.) with fine parallel or crossed lines to indicate shading

A pencil moving on a crown
Deepening the shadow of sorrow
Hatching another dimension

Into life.

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