Wednesday, 1 February 2017



1. a person who lacks sense or judgement
2. a person who is made to appear ridiculous
3. (formerly) . a professional jester living in a royal or noble household
4. (obsolete) . an idiot or imbecile
5. (trans.) to deceive (someone), especially in order to make him or her look ridiculous
6. (intr.; followed by “with”, “around with”, or “about with”) informal to act or play (with) irresponsibly or aimlessly
7. (intr.) to speak or act in a playful, teasing, or jesting manner
8. (trans.; followed by “away”) to squander; fritter
9. informal short for foolish

(mainly British) . a dessert made from a purée of fruit with cream or custard

A fool, a flower  living
To pay for love,

And another of the stories.

Erasure found poem using Ross Goodwind's application

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