Wednesday, 18 January 2017



1. precipitation from clouds in the form of flakes of ice crystals formed in the upper atmosphere
2. a layer of snowflakes on the ground
3. a fall of such precipitation
4. anything resembling snow in whiteness, softness, etc.
5. the random pattern of white spots on a television or radar screen, produced by noise in the receiver and occurring when the signal is weak or absent
6. (slang) . cocaine
7. (intr.; with “it” as subject) to be the case that snow is falling
8. (trans.; usually passive, followed by “over”, “under”, “in”, or “up”) to cover or confine with a heavy fall of snow
9. (often with “it” as subject) to fall or cause to fall as or like snow
10. (trans.) (US and Canadian) (slang) . to deceive or overwhelm with elaborate often insincere talk.

The snow murmurs
Death is my presence, the great story of all
And a fall in the end of the world
For the sake of the ending storm.

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