Thursday, 5 January 2017



1. a number of printed or written pages bound together along one edge and usually protected by thick paper or stiff pasteboard covers.
2. a written work or composition, such as a novel, technical manual, or dictionary
3. a number of blank or ruled sheets of paper bound together, used to record lessons, keep accounts, etc
4. (plural) a record of the transactions of a business or society
5. the script of a play or the libretto of an opera, musical, etc.
6. a major division of a written composition, as of a long novel or of the Bible
7. a number of tickets, sheets, stamps, etc., fastened together along one edge
8. (bookmaking) . a record of the bets made on a horse race or other event
9. (in card games) the number of tricks that must be taken by a side or player before any trick has a scoring value
10. strict or rigid regulations, rules, or standards
11. a source of knowledge or authority
12. a telephone directory
13. to reserve (a place, passage, etc.) or engage the services of (a performer, driver, etc.) in advance
14. (trans.) to take the name and address of (a person guilty of a minor offence) with a view to bringing a prosecution
15. (trans.) (of a football referee) to take the name of (a player) who grossly infringes the rules while playing, two such acts resulting in the player's dismissal from the field
16. (trans.) (archaic) . to record in a book

Nothing compares
To the rapture
Of having a book

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Dina said...

How true.
Especially a new book that smells new.