Friday, 26 October 2012



1. a crosspiece separating a door or the like from a window or fanlight above it.
2. Also called transom light, transom window. a window above such a crosspiece.
3. a crossbar of wood or stone, dividing a window horizontally.
4. a window so divided.
5. Nautical .
a. a flat termination to a stern, above the water line.
b. framework running athwartships in way of the sternpost of a steel or iron vessel, used as a support for the frames of the counter.
6. Artillery . a metal piece connecting the sidepieces of the tail or the cheeks of a gun carriage.

I could see you were home
Despite your not coming to the door
There was light above the transom
You said it was against burglars
That your cat felt lonely in the dark
You made all sorts of excuses
Too many to be credible
There was light above the transom
And I felt lonely too

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