Thursday, 31 May 2012



1. weather vane , Also called: wind vane a flat plate or blade of metal mounted on a vertical axis in an exposed position to indicate wind direction
2. any one of the flat blades or sails forming part of the wheel of a windmill
3. any flat or shaped plate used to direct fluid flow, especially a stator blade in a turbine, etc
4. a fin or plate fitted to a projectile or missile to provide stabilization or guidance
5. ornithol the flat part of a feather, consisting of two rows of barbs on either side of the shaft
6. surveying
a. a sight on a quadrant or compass
b. the movable marker on a levelling staff

I followed
Eyes fixed on that elusive vane
Trying to guess my way
Into fortune’s tepid waves
Unable to see
My feet in the mire
Locking me into place

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