Friday, 8 April 2011



–verb (used with object)

1. to press into small regular folds; make wavy.
2. to curl (hair), especially with the use of a curling iron.
3. to press or draw together, as the ends of something.
4. to check, restrain, or inhibit; hinder.
5. Cookery .
a. to pinch and press down the edges of (a pie crust), especially to seal together the top and bottom layers of pastry.
b. to gash (the flesh of a live fish or of one just killed) with a knife to make more crisp when cooked.
6. to produce a corrugated surface in; corrugate, as sheet metal, cardboard, etc.
7. to bend (leather) into shape.
8. Metalworking .
a. to bend the edges of (skelp) before forming into a tube.
b. to fold the edges of (sheet metal) to make a lock seam.
9. the act of crimping.
10.a crimped condition or form.
11.Usually, crimps. waves or curls, especially in hair that has been crimped or that displays a crimped pattern.
12.the waviness of wool fibres as naturally grown on sheep.
13.the waviness imparted to natural or synthetic fibres by weaving, knitting, plaiting, or other processes.
14.a crease formed in sheet metal or plate metal to make the material less flexible or for fastening purposes.

1. a person engaged in enlisting sailors, soldiers, etc., by persuasion, swindling, or coercion.
–verb (used with object)
2. to enlist (sailors, soldiers, etc.) by such means.

Crimped metal
Turned into irrational shapes
Pipes for the devil’s organ?

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