Monday, 5 April 2010



A propensity to allow oneself to be easily deceived or cheated.

She flew away
Mocking him
His love and gullibility
That had driven him
To make her a coat
Of phoenix feathers
When she laid cold
And shivering
In his arms

The background picture is copyright of Willow of Willow Manor, who has put it forth as a writing prompt.
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Lorenzo at the Alchemist's Pillow said...

Wonderful. Quite a story all told in a little nutshell, I mean egg shell.

Maha said...

That was perfect! You helped me see beyond the drawing .

chiccoreal said...

Reminded me of a kawing magpie, her gullibility could mean she may be a gull? Maybe her paramour couldn't be honest, so it was a good thing she had wings! Very imaginative poem!

joanny said...

Interesting story told,, bold and fragile,


The Bug said...

I wonder if she always meant to use him, or if her true nature came out only after she was healed?

Brian Miller said...

nicely done. so few words that say so much...a crowded loneliness sits between them...

Jennifer said...

Wow - big fat story in a little space. Well done Nathalie.

Peter Goulding said...

I'd still like to see you expanding a bit Nathalie, though it has to be said, this one is perfect as it stands.