Monday, 15 March 2010



–verb (used with object)
1. to move past; go by.
2. to let go without notice, action, remark, etc.; leave unconsidered; disregard; overlook.
3. to omit the usual or regular payment of.
4. to cause or allow to go through or beyond a gate, barrier, etc.
5. to go across or over (a stream, threshold, etc.); cross.
6. to endure or undergo.
7. to undergo or complete successfully.
8. to cause or permit to complete successfully (an investigation, examination, course of study, etc.).
9. to go beyond (a point, degree, stage, etc.); transcend; exceed; surpass. cause to go or extend farther. cause to go, move, or march by. allot to oneself (a portion of time); spend. live through, utilize, or fill; occupy oneself during. cause to circulate or spread; disseminate. cause to be accepted or received: to pass a worthless check. convey, transfer, or transmit; deliver (often followed by “on”). convey from one person, hand, etc., to another. pledge. utter, pronounce, or speak. cause to go through something, as a process or agency. discharge or void from the body, as excrement or a kidney stone. sanction or approve, especially by vote. obtain the approval or sanction of (a legislative body, committee, etc.), especially by a vote. express or pronounce, as an opinion.
25.Law. to place legal title or interest in (another) by a conveyance, a will, or other transfer.
26.(in feats of magic) to perform a pass on.
27.Tennis. to make a passing shot against (an opponent).
28.Sports. to transfer (the ball or puck) to a team mate.
29.Bullfighting. (of a bullfighter) to provoke and guide the charge of (a bull) with the capa or especially the muleta.
–verb (used without object) go or move onward; proceed. come to or toward, then go beyond. go away; depart. elapse or slip by; be spent. come to an end. die. take place; happen; occur. go by or move past. serve as a marginally acceptable substitute. live or be known as a member of a racial, religious, or ethnic group other than one's own, esp. to live and be known as a white person although of black ancestry. be transferred or conveyed. be interchanged, as between two persons. undergo transition or conversion. go or get through a barrier, test, course of study, etc., successfully.
45. to go unheeded, unchallenged, or un-remarked on. express or pronounce an opinion, judgement, verdict, etc. (usually followed by “on” or “upon”). be voided, as excrement or a kidney stone.
48. to obtain the vote of approval or sanction of a legislative body, official committee, or the like.
49. Law.
a. (of a member of an inquest or other deliberative body) to sit (usually followed by “on” or “upon”).
b. to adjudicate.
c. to vest title or other legal interest in real or personal property in a new owner. throw a ball from one person to another, as in a game of catch.
51.Sports. to make a pass, as in football or ice hockey.
a. to forgo one's opportunity to bid, play, etc.
b. to throw in one's hand.
53.Fencing Obsolete. to thrust or lunge.
–noun act of passing.
55.a narrow route across a relatively low notch or depression in a mountain barrier.
56.a road, channel, or other way providing a means of passage, as through an obstructed region or other barrier.
57.a navigable channel, as at the mouth or in the delta of a river.
58.a permission or license to pass, go, come, or enter.
a. a military document granting the right to cross lines or to enter or leave a military or naval base or building.
b. written authority given a soldier to leave a station or duty for a specified period of time.
60.a free ticket or permit.
61.South African. A document formerly issued to a Black person in South Africa and used to enforce certain legal and economic restrictions under the apartheid system. Also called reference book.
62.Chiefly British. the act of passing a university or school examination or course without honours or distinction.
63.Sports. the transfer of a ball or puck from one team mate to another.
64.Baseball. the awarding of first base to a batter to whom four balls have been pitched. Also called “base on balls".
65.Fencing. a thrust or lunge.
66.a single movement, effort, manoeuvre, etc.
a. a gesture, action, or remark that is intended to be sexually inviting; amorous overture.
b. a jab or poke with the arm, especially one that misses its mark.
68.Cards. the act or statement of not bidding or raising another bid.
69.(in feats of magic)
a. a passing of the hand over, along, or before anything.
b. the transference or changing of objects by or as by sleight of hand; a manipulation, as of a juggler.
70.a particular stage or state of affairs.
71.Bullfighting. a pase. passage of a tool over work or one passage of work through a machine.
73.Archaic. a witty remark or thrust.
74.Mining. an opening for delivering coal or ore to a lower level underground.

I whisper secrets,
Passing notion into the mirror,
To see if it might reflect
And send an answer
I might use in real life.
But clouds are just passing
And I can't seem to.

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