Tuesday, 6 January 2009



1. the external covering or integument of an animal body, esp. when soft and flexible.
2. such an integument stripped from the body of an animal, esp. a small animal; pelt.
3. the tanned or treated pelt or hide of an animal, esp. when used in apparel and accessories; leather (usually used in combination).
4. any integument covering, casing, outer coating, or surface layer, as an investing membrane, the rind or peel of fruit, or a film on liquid: a skin of thin ice; the aluminium skin of an aeroplane.
5. Jewellery.
a. the outermost layer of a pearl.
b. the outermost layer of a diamond as found: often different in colour and refraction from the inner part of the stone.
6. Nautical.
a. the shell or ceiling of a hull.
b. the outer, exposed part of a furled sail.
7. Metallurgy. an outer layer of a metal piece having characteristics differing from those of the interior.
8. a container made of animal skin, used for holding liquids, esp. wine.
9. Rocketry. the outer surface of a missile or rocket.
10.to strip or deprive of skin; flay; peel; husk.
11 to remove or strip off (any covering, outer coating, surface layer, etc.).
12.to scrape or rub a small piece of skin from (one's hand, leg, etc.), as in falling or sliding against something.
13.to urge on, drive, or whip (a draft animal, as a mule or ox).
14.to climb or jump.
15.to cover with or as if with skin.
16.Cards. to slide cards one at a time off the top of (the pack) in dealing.
a. Slang. showing or featuring nude persons, often in a sexually explicit way.
b. presenting films, stage shows, exhibitions, etc., that feature nude persons, esp. in a sexually explicit way: a Times Square skin house.

First there was your skin
Shinning and iridescent with the heat of love
Cracking the varnish gloss thrown across my life.
Then the soul within that I drank
A darker wine.


DeLi said...

skin can be intoxicating :)

anthonynorth said...

A poetic and informative post. Thanks for that.

SandyCarlson said...

The soul really is just beneath the skin, isn't it? Protected, or not, by our thin and sensitive skin.


Rachel Green said...

Nicely done. Erotic, even.

Amias (ljm and liquidplastic) said...

Don't have too many words of wisdom, but this poetic form is mystifying. Glad you included the visual.

Flesh and Soul dancing is understandable, but seeing the soul as erotic is new to me --- and refreshing.

Anonymous said...

Love that haiga. It sheared my soul.

frenzied entropies

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Anonymous said...

..like the soulful talk..as for me not sure where i misplaced mine [still searching]..
(the info-so close to a dissertation!)..many thanks..

Anonymous said...

Nice, Some of those meanings were new to me. I like your art.

JP/deb said...

I love the depth of the soul as "a darker wine" ... wonderful. Peace, JP/deb

Beth P. said...

something has to draw us in...otherwise we'd all stay on the cracked varnish side...might as well be delicious, warm, fragrant skin...

thank you--delectable!