Sunday, 10 June 2018



1. to draw or be drawn taut; stretch tight
2. to exert, tax, or use (resources) to the utmost extent
3. to injure or damage or be injured or damaged by overexertion
4. to deform or be deformed as a result of a stress
5. (intr.) to make intense or violent efforts; strive
6. to subject or be subjected to mental tension or stress
7. to pour or pass (a substance) or (of a substance) to be poured or passed through a sieve, filter, or strainer
8. (trans.) to draw off or remove (one part of a substance or mixture from another) by or as if by filtering
9. (trans.) to clasp tightly; hug
10. (trans.) (obsolete) to force or constrain
11. (intr.; followed by “at”)
a. to push, pull, or work with violent exertion (upon)
b. to strive (for)
c. to balk or scruple (from)
12. the act or an instance of straining
13. the damage resulting from excessive exertion
14. an intense physical or mental effort
15. (music) (often plural) . a theme, melody, or tune
16. a great demand on the emotions, resources, etc.
17. a feeling of tension and tiredness resulting from overwork, worry, etc.; stress
18. a particular style or recurring theme in speech or writing
19. (physics) . the change in dimension of a body under load expressed as the ratio of the total deflection or change in dimension to the original unloaded dimension. It may be a ratio of lengths, areas, or volumes

1. the main body of descendants from one ancestor
2. a group of organisms within a species or variety, distinguished by one or more minor characteristics
3. a variety of bacterium or fungus, in particular when used for a culture
4. a streak; trace
5. (archaic) a kind, type, or sort

Fresh cheese
Enriched with cream

Strained for a night

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