Tuesday, 26 June 2018



1. at an angle; slanting; sloping
2. (geometry)
a. (of lines, planes, etc) neither perpendicular nor parallel to one another or to another line, plane, etc
b. not related to or containing a right angle
3. indirect or evasive
4. (grammar) . denoting any case of nouns, pronouns, etc, other than the nominative and vocative
5. (biology) . having asymmetrical sides or planes
6. (of a map projection) constituting a type of zenithal projection in which the plane of projection is tangential to the earth's surface at some point between the equator and the poles
7. something oblique, in particular a line
8. (nautical) . the act of changing course by less than 90°
9. an aerial photograph taken at an oblique angle
-verb (intr.)
10. to take or have an oblique direction
11. (of a military formation) to move forward at an angle

Where music will swim
Waiting for the stars
The mind is swallowed out

In an oblique story
The body still green
stands over the door

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