Saturday, 17 February 2018



1. to produce (a hole) in (a material) by use of a drill, auger, or other cutting tool
2. to increase the diameter of (a hole), as by an internal turning operation on a lathe or similar machine
3. (trans.) to produce (a hole in the ground, tunnel, mine shaft, etc.) by digging, drilling, cutting, etc.
4. (intr.) (informal) (of a horse or athlete in a race) to push other competitors in order to try to get them out of the way
5. a hole or tunnel in the ground, in particular one drilled in search of minerals, oil, etc.
a. a circular hole in a material produced by drilling, turning, or drawing
b. the diameter of such a hole
a. the hollow part of a tube or cylinder, in particular of a gun barrel
b. the diameter of such a hollow part; calibre
8. (Australian) an artesian well

1. (trans.) to tire or make weary by being dull, repetitious, or uninteresting
2. a dull, repetitious, or uninteresting person, activity, or state

a high steep-fronted wave moving up a narrow estuary, caused by the tide

He went and bore a
Cat-shaped hole

In our heart

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