Sunday, 28 January 2018



1. a dish of meat, fish, or other food, cooked by stewing
2. (informal) a difficult or worrying situation or a troubled state
3. a heterogeneous mixture
4. (usually plural) (archaic) . a brothel
5. (obsolete) a public room for hot steam baths
6. to cook or cause to cook by long slow simmering
7. (intr.) (informal) to be troubled or agitated
8. (intr.) (informal) to be oppressed with heat or crowding
9. to cause (tea) to become bitter or (of tea) to become bitter through infusing for too long

1. (British) . a fishpond or fishtank
2. (British) . an artificial oyster bed

Winter love
Of a hearty stew
Sun-filled spices
And hints from

Exotic lands

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