Monday, 29 January 2018



1. (intr.) to thrive; prosper
2. (intr.) to be at the peak of condition
3. (intr.) to be healthy
4. to wave or cause to wave in the air with sweeping strokes
5. to display or make a display
6. to play (a fanfare, etc.) on a musical instrument
7. (intr.) to embellish writing, characters, etc. , with ornamental strokes
8. to add decorations or embellishments to (speech or writing)
9. (intr.) an obsolete word for blossom
10. the act of waving or brandishing
11. a showy gesture
12. an ornamental embellishment in writing
13. a display of ornamental language or speech
14. a grandiose passage of music
15. an ostentatious display or parade
16. (obsolete)
a. the state of flourishing
b. the state of flowering

Flourishing nature
Oblivious to ice months
And dangers hidden

In the wings of winds

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