Sunday, 5 March 2017



1. to bring (oneself or another person) out of sleep, unconsciousness, etc, or (of a person) to come to consciousness in this way
2. (trans.) to provoke, stir, or excite
3. (hunting) .to start or cause to start from cover
4. (intr.) (falconry) . (of hawks) to ruffle the feathers and cause them to stand briefly on end (a sign of contentment)
6. (raʊs) (intr. ; followed by “on”) (Australian) . to speak scoldingly or rebukingly (to)
7. (mainly US) . another term for reveille

-noun (archaic)
1. an alcoholic drink, especially a full measure
2. another word for carousal

The first thing to do
A glass, a rouse, a drink,
This is the way we changed the world.

Playing sound outside the pieces

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