Thursday, 23 March 2017



1. composed of similar or identical parts or elements
2. of uniform nature
3. similar in kind or nature
4. having a constant property, such as density, throughout
5. (mathematics)
a. (of a polynomial) . containing terms of the same degree with respect to all the variables, as in x2 + 2xy + y2
b. (of a function) . containing a set of variables such that when each is multiplied by a constant, this constant can be eliminated without altering the value of the function, as in cos x/y + x/y
c. (of an equation) . containing a homogeneous function made equal to 0
6. (chemistry) . of, composed of, or concerned with a single phase

A story unaccounted for
The disarray of millions
Broken by homogenous apathy
Lies and razor barbed fences
Between them and their new life.

Our story.

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Tiffany Von Higgins said...

A beautiful poem, and sadly, a true story.