Thursday, 24 December 2015



1. neat and spruce in appearance
2. slim; slender
3. in good condition
-verb (mainly trans.)
4. to put in good order, especially by cutting or pruning
5. to shape and finish (timber)
6. to adorn or decorate
7. sometimes followed by “off’ or "away” . to cut so as to remove
8. to cut down to the desired size or shape
9. (dialect) to decorate
10. (nautical)
a. (also intr.) to adjust the balance of (a vessel) or (of a vessel) to maintain an even balance, by distribution of ballast, cargo, etc.
b. (also intra.) to adjust (a vessel's sails) to take advantage of the wind
c. to stow (cargo)
11.  to balance (an aircraft) before flight by adjusting the position of the load or in flight by the use of trim tabs, fuel transfer, etc.
12. (also intr.) to modify (one's opinions, etc.) to suit opposing factions or for expediency
13. (informal) to thrash or beat
14. (informal) to rebuke
15. (obsolete) to furnish or equip
16. a decoration or adornment
17. the upholstery and decorative facings, as on the door panels, of a car's interior
18. proper order or fitness; good shape
19. a haircut that neatens but does not alter the existing hairstyle
20 (nautical)
a. the general set and appearance of a vessel
b. the difference between the draught of a vessel at the bow and at the stern
c. the fitness of a vessel
d. the position of a vessel's sails relative to the wind
e. the relative buoyancy of a submarine
21. dress or equipment
22. (US) window-dressing
23. the attitude of an aircraft in flight when the pilot allows the main control surfaces to take up their own positions
24. (cinema) . a section of shot cut out during editing
25. material that is trimmed off
26. decorative mouldings, such as architraves, picture rails, etc.

I try and trim
The trimmings
But the clown
Remained, stuck,
And laughing

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