Monday, 14 December 2015



1. to take or pull (the covering, clothes, etc.) off (oneself, another person, or thing)
2. (intr.) to remove all one's clothes
3. (intr.) to perform a striptease
4. (trans.) to denude or empty completely
5. (trans.) to deprive
6. (trans.) to rob or plunder
7. (trans.) to remove (paint, varnish, etc) from (a surface, furniture, etc) by sanding, with a solvent, etc 
8. Also: pluck (trans.) . to pull out the old coat of hair from (dogs of certain long- and wire-haired breeds)
9. to remove the leaves from the stalks of (tobacco, etc.)
10. to separate the two sides of a leaf from the stem of (tobacco, etc)
11. (trans.) (agriculture) . to draw the last milk from each of the teats of (a cow)
12. to dismantle (an engine, mechanism, etc)
13. to tear off or break (the thread) from (a screw, bolt, etc) or (the teeth) from (a gear)
14. (often followed by “down”) . to remove the accessories from (a motor vehicle)
15. to remove (the most volatile constituent) from (a mixture of liquids) by boiling, evaporation, or distillation
16. (printing) (usually followed by “in”) . to combine (pieces of film or paper) to form a composite sheet from which a plate can be made
17. (trans.) (in freight transport) . to unpack (a container) 
18. the act or an instance of undressing or of performing a striptease

1. a relatively long, flat, narrow piece of something
2. short for airstrip
3. (philately) a horizontal or vertical row of three or more un-separated postage stamps
4. the clothes worn by the members of a team, especially a football team
5. (business) a triple option on a security or commodity consisting of one call option and two put options at the same price and for the same period
6. to cut or divide into strips

A strip of stranger
Kept for old time’s sake
Cracked yet burning still


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